Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Public Plea

Okay, I know about five or six of you actually read Resaca Rose, or at least look at the pictures, so I'm going to make another plea to you and ask you to become a follower of Resaca Rose. See the thingy on the right? >>>> Well, go there and become a follower. If you want to you can sign up for a Google account and sign in there. But, I think, you don't have to. Try it out and see. It's kind of annoying to me that nobody wants to become a follower. I'm not asking you to give your first born child or anything. Just click on and become a follower and, if you're computer savvy, put your picture up. I had to twist everybody's arm to make them join. It makes me feel kind of pushy but I say 'what the hey'. Anyway I only have 13 followers and one of them is me so how about it? Suck it up and sign up. Please

As Always


  1. I'm a follower and love reading your blogs while I'm at school and have extra time. Love you!!

  2. Thanks Kimmy, I love you too. Take good care of my boy for me, okay? :~)


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