Saturday, January 3, 2015


I was diagnosed with hyperglycemia and sent to a clinic this year. They taught me how to regulate my diet and take care of myself. It seems, diabetics should pay close attention to their eyesight, and their feet, among other things. One speaker told us to take off our shoes and socks when we go to the doctor to let them inspect our feet. 

I had to see the nurse practitioner the other day for a pre-op visit so I peeled off my shoes and cooled my hot feet on the cool linoleum. I told her I have a problem with cracked toes and was worried because they were sore. She checked my feet and asked me if I felt her touch. "Yes! Yes, I did." "Good. You're alright." She recommended an ointment for my toes. Good deal.

I am trying to cut out all the sweets and breads I used to eat and keep my blood sugar under control. Donny and I have been walking at the Church of God across the street.

Since October I have lost about twenty pounds. My pants nearly fall off. I've taken to wearing belts and not overloading my pockets so my pants don't droop. I haven't been dieting. I've just been trying to stay away from the foods I used to eat before I found out I was diabetic. 


My mind is all over the place. I'm unable to focus and haven't felt like spilling all the beans on my blog. Nobody wants to hear, "My life is so hard." blah, blah, blah. Everybody has problems, some far, far worse than mine. I don't want to exude fake exuberance and pretend like life is peachy keen, either. "Santa brought me a pony!" although he did one time. But that's another story.

This has been a hard year for everybody, my family included. Things have settled down a little and I don't like rocking the boat. I just hope things keep on improving but it doesn't really look that way.

Don and I went shopping for a flat screen TV and I nearly had a breakdown when I realized I didn't have a hundred dollars I thought I had put in my wallet. I kept going over everything in my mind and really believe I saw the money in my billfold while we were at the house. I just don't know. Either way, I have to let go of that little dream. I hate when I get mixed up about money. It makes me crazy. I guess that's another one of those "old fart" moments.

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