Friday, November 23, 2012

My Dental Teams

This is Doctor Phil. My dentist, Doctor Frank, sent me to Doctor Phil when my teeth started getting loose. Doctor Phil did a bone implant and later did a skin graft to regrow gum. Doctor Phil is a nice, considerate doctor who has made me feel comfortable throughout my dental surgeries and office visits. 
Doctor Phil aka Doctor Phillip L. Parham, Jr.
Dalton Dental Implants
Doctor Phil has a wonderful office staff. The receptionist, and financial officer are friendly and helpful. This is my hygienist, Cindy. She gently cleans my teeth and makes every visit pleasant.

Cindy Hardin, RDH
dental hygienist

Doctor Phil also has a fine team who work with him during surgery procedures. Kristie assisted the doctor as he ground the bonding off my front teeth. He used a tool to break it loose. It made my front teeth sore. I'll have to let them tighten up again and be careful not to bite something hard for a while. He warned me about apples and corn on the cob. Now I'm craving apples and corn. Go figure!

Kristie Plott
surgical assistant

Doctor Frank is my regular dentist. I have been going to his office for a long time. I went to his father before Doctor Frank, Sr. retired. I tried other dentists after he retired but came back to Rachel, my hygienist, who worked for Doctor Frank, Sr. before she started working for Doctor Frank, Jr.
Doctor Frank aka Doctor Frank J. Patterson, Jr.

Rachel has been cleaning my teeth most of my life. She knows me and can tell when I get nervous. My nose starts itching when I do. She has to stop cleaning and give me time to rub my nose. She thinks I'm funny.

See the 'attractive' gap between my teeth. It's better than the alternative. Thanks to Doctor Phil and Doctor Frank, I hope to have my teeth for a very long time.

Take a piece of advice from me and take care of your teeth. They become more precious as you grow older. Brush and floss, kids. Good dental health is part of a good health care regime.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Granny Edwadene

This is a picture of my mother-in-law. Her name is Edwadene but we all call her Ed. When I first met Ed she was married to Donny's daddy, Strick. He had emphysema and was disabled. Edwadene worked in the sample carpet mills. She and Strick worked for the telephone company when they first met. Ed was an operator and Strick worked on the lines. 

Edwadene loved flea markets and had a station wagon piled high with goods she would carry to sell every week. 

Edwadene was a wonderful cook. She is the only person I ever knew who cooked almost like my grandmother, and I always thought my grandmother was the best cook in the world. Edwadene had one advantage over my grandmother. She knew how to make the best yeast rolls I've ever eaten. They were delicious.

After Donny's daddy died of a heart attack, Edwadene was a widow for a long time. A lady she worked with tried to set Edwadene up with her father-in-law who was a widower. Edwadene didn't know how to act at first. She was flattered but thought Charlie was too old for her. She said he was an old man. I guess, because he was grey headed. That was funny because Edwadene was grey, too.

Before long Edwadene and Charlie got married and combined their families. They worked very hard to try to include everyone and make us all one big family. Charlie insisted we all go camping and fishing at Harrison Bay. We made that a family tradition for several years. Everybody had a good time the first year. There were tents and campers set up everywhere. 

Charlie's daughter, Teresa, was married to Jackie Amos. They had a little tent that was set up near the campfire. In the morning everyone was standing around the fire discussing what they wanted to do that day ... fishing ... when the little tent started shaking violently. Jackie and Teresa were 'getting it on' with everyone standing around the campfire. Nobody could mistake what the shaking was all about. After a little bit, the tent quit shaking, and Jackie and Teresa crawled outside. Oh, well. That was entertaining.

Over the years, the Strickland family kept going fishing with Charlie and Edwadene. Charlie's family would come to Harrison Bay, too, but didn't always camp with us. Charlie's daughter, Deborah, and her husband, Billy, usually camped near Billy's family who loved to go to Harrison Bay every summer at the same time. They loved fishing when the catfish ran. 

Myra, and Donny, and Tony always came camping every summer. One summer Tony got sick and had a heart attack. After that he wasn't interested in camping any more. After Charlie died, Donny took our family camping but it wasn't as fun as it had been with the Strickland and the McAllister clans camping together.

Edwadene sold her house and bought a condominium after Charlie passed away. Her mother, Granny Smith, lived with her for a while but she had to be put in a nursing home because of dementia. Not long after Granny Smith died, Edwadene started losing her memory and her eye sight.

Edwadene lived with her son, Tony, for a while and she stayed with us sometimes. I think it was good for her to be here because she got to know me better. One time she said she thought I was mean to the boys and didn't love them but, after staying with us for a while, she realized I didn't feel that way. 

I talk rough to the boys and chew them out when they make mistakes but I also always tell them how much I love them and how much they mean to me. I don't know any other way to be. I am not a good mother. I do yell at them and say mean things sometimes but, for some reason, my boys are fine young men and anybody who knows them will tell you that.

Edwadene lived in an assisted living home until her memory deteriorated so much she had to be moved into a nursing home. I would go by to see her sometimes and she would be slumped over in her chair asleep, or in bed asleep. She couldn't communicate with anyone any more and she lived in a fog in her own mind.

Alzheimer's is a terrible disease that robs you of your identity and dignity. Edwadene suffered from it for over thirteen years. Looking back, I suspect she had it for years before that. She used to say she couldn't think straight. I thought she was just being insecure but now I think she had been having symptoms of Alzheimer's a lot longer than she was diagnosed.

Edwadene passed away last Sunday. She was 83. Her family and loved ones came together to honor and pay respect to the woman she was. She was a loving mother and wife. She cared about her family and friends and never had an unkind word to say about anyone. She was a good woman.

I am sorry she passed away and I know it is painful for her family to say goodbye but I am also happy that she isn't suffering anymore. She no longer has to live in a dark fog of blindness and dementia. It is so painful seeing someone you love in that condition.

Edwadene was always nice to me and I grew to really love her over the years. I admired Edwadene for her honesty and goodness and cheerful spirit. She will be deeply missed.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Scout's Project

Scout got a utility building last Christmas. I helped him get lumber to put a floor in it. He finally got it together after nine months. Colt helped him set the building on the floor and they screwed it down one Saturday.

This is the little building they placed on the floor and screwed down. Scout needs it to put his stuff in. He's got lots of stuff. 

They got the doors attached and after a couple of adjustments they were working well.

There it is with the doors shut, and there it is with the doors . . . STUCK! 

There's nothing like having family to help you when you have a big project to put together. A big strong brother sure comes in handy sometimes.

"Bubba, quit standing there and get to work. I'm not paying you to stand around just looking pretty." 

Bubba: "I didn't know you was paying me."

Bro: "I'm not. Didn't you hear me? I said, 'I'm not ..' and you ain't pretty either."

Bubba: "Ah, Bro."

All they had to do was finish up a few touches and Wah-Lah! it was done. You have to love that Strickland teamwork. Good job, guys.


Thursday, November 1, 2012


I hope everyone survived Halloween and got plenty of sweets for their sweet tooth. If you need any more, come see me. I know I'll never eat all this candy. We had a tub full!

On top of that, I got three wonderful surprises in the mail on Monday. 

A wonderful lady from New York sent me an Obama-Biden sticker for my car when I mentioned wanting one on a Facebook political group. Thank you Leah Boule.

I never get personal mail, so I was surprised the mailman had left me a card and a box. The address was from my Facebook friend Piette Carr. Bless her heart! She sent me a Halloween greeting card and a box full of chocolate candy bars! Thank you Piette Carr.

That made my day! Two wonderful women went out of their way to brighten my day and make me feel a little special. Thank you both and I hope you are blessed with wonderful people who love you and treat you both like the special women you are.

What am I thankful for this Thanksgiving? Meeting wonderful like minded friends, and meeting people with diverse ideas that are stimulating and challenging. Whether I agree with all my friends or family, or not, you are all special to me and I am so thankful to have you all in my life.

Peace be with you all. Love and family are everything. 

Samantha, Dawn, and Larry

Roy and Sara



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