Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Well! Color me confused. I tried to call my doctor to make an appointment but kept getting a busy signal on Friday. I tried over the weekend and got another busy signal. I was becoming obsessed with trying to reach the doctor so I tried to call him again on Monday. I had finally surmised that there was something wrong with this picture  because I've never called a doctor's office after hours without reaching their answering service. Today it all came together. The doctor has retired and left me in the dark. Now, where will I turn? I don't like breaking in a new doctor. They make me nervous. Frankly, I don't even like doctors. You can imagine why after the year I had.
Mama's sister, Mary Jane came to visit with her all last week. She is a joy to be around. Mary's been living in Savannah with her son, Alex, and his family. Mama invited Mary to stay with her until my aunt, Patsy, could come get her. She's going to stay with Patsy in Illinois for a while. I think Mary was good company for Mama, and vice versa. My cousin, Donna, came to get her. They headed back north this morning.

Mary Jane had intended to fly out from Atlanta to visit Pat a couple of months ago but she got confused and never got on the plane. Mary is developing dementia. Mary didn't worry about missing her plane because the flight staff took her under their wing and invited her to their private lounge and took care of her. She was supposed to be supervised by the airline so they probably worried about getting in trouble for not getting her on her right flight. Her son had to drive all the way back to Atlanta to pick her back up.

Mary had such a good time she promised to come visit them all whenever she came back to Atlanta. She wasn't even depressed about missing her flight.

If you didn't know Mary Jane you wouldn't know anything was wrong with her but her memory is not good any longer. She's a big cut up and enjoys being around people. Her mistake was almost as good as a vacation.
I finally talked the guys into putting up guttering on the front of the house.
We bought the guttering Saturday and they had it up on Sunday. Not bad for a project we've put off for years, I'd say. The fascia board on the back of the house has to be cleaned and then they can finish the job. I'm almost embarrassed to admit I wish it would rain. I can't wait to test them out.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Donna's Stone

I went to the cemetery the other day. I was going to see my aunt's grave. She was buried beside her first husband and her daughter's grave. She passed away in January. 

My cousin was just twenty years old when she died mysteriously at home. They never did find a definite cause for her death. She was married to a guy who did some awful things after she died and I guess the family decided not to leave the gravestone like the original one with her husband's name on it.

When I went up there I saw Donna's new headstone. The old double stone had been removed. I say good riddance and good for Donna. Her life was cut too short for her and she wasn't married long enough time to endure his name for all eternity. I have little doubt that Donna would have divorced her husband if she had lived long enough. I will always hate the way she passed away.

Donna deserved someone to love her and honor her. When we pieced together the last events in her life we became aware of several puzzling and heartbreaking episodes she had to endure. Her husband spread rumors and lies around the family and had us all questioning his motives. 

We will never have all the answers we were searching for but I am thankful Donna won't be going through all eternity shrouded under that other name. She was too good for him. Her legacy shouldn't be entwined with him forevermore.

If Donna had of survived she would be fifty-five years old this year. It's hard to imagine her as an old woman but it's harder remembering her as a young girl on the brink of life before it was cut short. I wonder how she would have turned out if she had lived. It's a never ending cycle. I'm always thinking about 'what if'. It's an endless game.


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Thursday, August 7, 2014


I love picnics but I can never get anybody to go with me. I thought my friends who started going out on a 'girls night out' would go with me so I bought a few Susan G. Komen pink ribbon coolers to give to them. I gave one cooler to a friend and told her I wanted all of us to go on a picnic sometime. I was going to give the other gals their coolers when I saw them but I never heard from them again. I don't know what I did to piss them off. I don't care anymore. 

I ended up doling out the pink coolers to my boys. I thought it was a hoot seeing Scout wagging a pink cooler around. I bet he made a lasting impression on anybody who saw him at work but I doubt the cows cared. Sometimes it's good to be a manual worker. He is a fencer. He's put up hundreds of fences over the years. 

Every year I try to entice someone to go on a picnic with me. I try to get Donny to go with me but he's not interested. I've tried to talk Scout and Colt into going but they don't care, either. I thought I might have to go on a picnic by myself if I ever wanted to go. 

The other day I thought, "I know. I'll ask Katie. She and Bennett might want to go on a picnic." It was very spur of the moment. I sent her a message the night before and told her to call me in the morning. 

You don't know me but if you did you would know I am not a morning person. Heck, I'm not much of a day person. If I ever became a vampire not much would change. Most people don't want to wake me in the morning. Even though Katie knows my reputation, she promised to wake me at ten. 

Katie called and promised to come over that morning. She and Bennett piled into the old Buick and we picked up some KFC, aka Kentucky Fried Chicken, and went to the Calhoun Recreation Center. There were people at the pool but the ball parks were empty and there weren't many people around. We found a nice picnic shed near the river and spread out our meal on the cement table. I used a red checkered fitted twin sheet. It fit perfectly!

I was so happy being with my sweet new family and sharing a quiet, tranquil day together. It was like heaven. It was a mild, peaceful day. A cool breeze was blowing. We sat in the shade of the tall shade trees and could look all around the park. Some people were walking around the road, exercising. Another couple took their picnic closer to the water. 

Katie, and Bennett, and I walked along the curved river admiring the wide deep stream after we ate. If the water hadn't been cloudy in places you wouldn't know there was probably run off from the plants that butt up against the backside of the recreation center. If I hadn't been afraid of chemicals, I would have wanted to splash around in the water. A man made dam created a mini-waterfall in one area. 

Poor Bennett was beside himself because he wanted to go play with the other kids but there weren't a bunch of other kids around. Most of them were at the swimming pool. We saw one lone little girl playing on a slide on the playground as we were leaving. He will be so glad when he finally makes some friends at school. His dreams will come true soon.

Enjoy summer because it won't be long before it's gone.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Mister Magoo

Oh God! Wouldn't you know it? I broke my reading glasses. I ran down to the dollar store to pick up a pair but I couldn't decide which strength I needed so I picked the strongest pair. I thought that was what I needed but by the time I got home and tried them on everything seemed too big and too bright. It made me dizzy. I know these aren't like my old glasses. I guess I have to run back to the dollar store again and throw more money away trying to get the right glasses. 

My friend, Piette, picked on me because she knows I'm tight and I don't like wasting money on crap. The only problem with that is that I am always doing something stupid and wasting money. I thaw things out and forget to take them out of the microwave. I did that the other day. I also forget to water my plants or feed my pets all the time. I don't mean to be inefficient, I just haven't had the will to do anything. Every time I plan anything, something happens and sets me back again.

I quit feeding the birds outside when Daddy got sick. I was away from home too much and didn't have time to take care of them all the time. I wanted to hang our hummingbird feeders out this spring but everything has been so hectic I haven't even tried. I'm a total spaz and I admit my life isn't very efficient right now.

The other day I planned on going to the dentist so I got up and got ready. I had plenty of time to get to Dalton but when I tried to crank my car it wouldn't start. I couldn't even get it to turn over. I called the dentist's office to tell them I was having trouble. When I couldn't get a ride, they rescheduled my appointment. I'm glad because I was afraid they would gripe at me for not taking care of my teeth. I've been neglecting them, too. 

I'm not the only one that's having problems keeping up with things. Mama had two doctor's appointments this week and went to one a day early. I can't keep up with her, or Donny, or even myself. That's why I depend my FlyLady calendar so I can keep up with all the appointments and I'm also learning to use my cell phone for stuff like that. Now I need to remember to record everything.

Katie told me everybody seemed to be having a streak of bad luck. Scout and Colt broke down in Bob's truck and were stranded for about an hour before they got the truck running again to get back to Bob's. They were late getting home that day.

Katie and Bennett and I finally made a trip to Big Lots and I bought a couple of pairs of reading glasses. I liked the weaker strength reading glasses. I got a pair of glasses for three dollars. That's what I call a deal! I guess Piette was right. I am cheap.

I feel about a hundred percent better than I did a few days ago. I'm finally walking upright again. Better still, I don't need my cane. I'm still taking aspirin though. They take the edge off my pain but I hope I don't get addicted. I hate popping pills.

Katie and I made another trek to the store later on this week. This time we went to Fred's. We planned on making a day of it until Donny called and said he was locked out of the house. We had to come home and let him inside. I didn't mind. We had already had lunch at the Great Wall. It's a local Chinese restaurant. That was a real treat. I guess you have to take your fun where you can get it

I couldn't find my keys today. I was going to go with Mama to her doctor. I called to tell her why I wasn't at her house yet but she had already left me and was in the parking lot. She is so impatient. I guess when you get old you have to be. You don't know how much time you have left. Oh boy! Will the fun ever end?                            


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