Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Opossum Baby

We found this little 'possum in the barn.
He looks like he has a Mohawk.
I was probably blinding him with the flash.

"I'd like to go to sleep."

"Oh-oh, I have fleas." 

"Maybe she'll go away now."

Colt found this little 'possum in the barn. I went outside to check on him last night and thought he would be safer up on a bale of hay in the barn. I crawled up there and put him on it. We have so many cats and dogs I was afraid they would hurt him if they noticed him. I went to check on him today. He had disappeared. I hope his momma got him because I'd hate to think the cats did, even if he did look like an ugly rat. Possums make me laugh.

As Always


  1. We have a couple of possums that come around to our carport to eat left-over cat food. I know you're not supposed to leave food out like that, but I don't mind little wild critters getting a bite to eat now and then. Possums ARE funny to watch.

    Occasionally we see a raccoon come to eat, too. Just as cute as it can be, and fat as a pig, but raccoons scare me a little. They're the largest rabies reservoir in the USA, though most raccoons that carry rabies are in the northeastern states.

    There are ways to tell from their behavior whether a wild animal is rabid (or even a domesticated one), but I read that raccoons can be carriers of the disease without developing it themselves... Scary.

  2. Connie they told Momma the same thing when she thought her pet skunk might have rabies. She thought she was going to have to have shots but TG it wasn't rabies.

  3. PS Connie - - I like throwing out my mulch and hope it draws 'possums or crows, but not coyotes, because I've got too many cats and don't want to feed the Key-Yo-Tee's! LOL

  4. The opossum does not carry the rabies virus - body temperature too low. If you see a baby as small as the one Connie found, it means it fell off the mother's back. Mother's Never go back for a baby. If she took off quickly, it was because she was scared or a predator grabbed her. Usually, cats and opossums get along.

  5. That baby looks like it has fly eggs on it. :/ It is much too small to be out of its momma's pouch. Something must have happened to the mom.
    Mother animals WILL come back for healthy babies. It is almost always best to leave them where you find them.


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