Thursday, July 28, 2011

Droopy Drawers

What am I? I'm what every dumb guy fears and what every smart man delights in, I am a smart woman. I have a brain of my own and I don't mind using it. I appreciate a pair of strong arms but I'm not afraid to stand up for myself. I don't like bullies. Bullies think they can push you and goad you until you give up. They don't like it and they don't understand it when a woman is smart enough to engage them in a discussion and refuse to bow to their point of view. Nobody can make me sit down and shut up until I'm ready to sit down but I will never shut up. 

I had the pleasure and the frustration of being a part of a long 1000 post thread on HLN News Now on Facebook. The story was about Georgia creating a law fining people $200 for baggy pants. They are actually going to measure you and if your pants are 3" below your waist you will be fined. Get out of here! That is insane. Since when have we become such a 'nanny state' that we are going to fine people for poor taste?

As you can imagine, some people were pro-law and some people were anti-law. Guess which one I was. Go on. Guess. Well, I have to tell you that some people are such poor debaters that they could only focus on a couple of things. One person kept talking about eating and butt-cracks and nasty underwear. The other got upset when I made a joke about him and the other guy 'getting a room' since they both agreed so much with each other. My bad! You would have to hear it in it's context to 'get it'. I really wasn't trying to imply he was gay, "... not that there's anything wrong with that". (Seinfeld) What I was trying to point out was that he and the other guy were really 'getting into' arguing with the people who didn't agree with them. So. That's okay. But he went from preaching to insulting me and saying I didn't deserve respect and I was as big as a refrigerator and lived on welfare. He said all sorts of crap, making personal attacks instead of staying with the thread: Fining People for Saggy Pants.

Some people wanted to claim wearing saggy pants wasn't respectful and they said that the parents were sorry because they didn't make their kids wear regular pants. They wanted to blame every kid who wore saggy britches, claiming it would cause them to join gangs and end up in jail. They kept saying that 'if the parents won't police their kids then the law should.' That's what we need, more laws and stupid rules for the officers to have to carry a ruler and measure everybody's pants instead of patrolling for real criminals. And good luck shaking down those fellows for $200. You will spend so much more enforcing and citing people than you will ever recover in revenue. If they are incarcerated it's a win-win for them because they get a free meal and a bed and when they get out they can contact a good lawyer and sue for false imprisonment and take it all the way to the Supreme's. They'll love that. You can't regulate how people dress. Where will it go from there? They didn't even do something that crazy when mini-skirts came into style. Surely we, as a civilization, can survive the saggy britches fad. After all, our parents put up with us wearing hippy garb and bell-bottom britches. I guess it's okay when women show their behind but they can't take it when a man shows a little skin.

We seem to be becoming a more repressed society that wants to point fingers and call people names instead of respecting each other and debating on a mature and cordial level. I tried very hard not to be mean, although I am very good at it, but in the end it became a game of 'I'm a mirror reflecting you' to 'I'm Rubber and you're Glue'. You just can't debate stupid. They keep on hammering about things that aren't even remotely relevant to the situation and don't realize you've out-brained them. 

Gosh, men can be so immature. Sometimes they gotta just let off gas, I reckon. I've always known that when someone starts insulting me and picking on me I've won the argument. It seems I got under a certain someone's skin. He even came to visit my blog. Wasn't that nice? I invited him to become a follower. I told you I wanted to win friends and influence people and now it seems that I've got an admirer. Too bad his mamma didn't teach him any manners. He acts like a teenager but claims to be a grown man. He looks like a dog. No lie! I saw his profile picture and it was a dog. I told you I had a sense of humor, didn't I? That cracked me up.

I promised to pray for him and old blue tonight. I promise to pray that he sees the error of his ways. He kept saying he was a christian but when I called him on it as he was calling me dog crap, he claimed that he didn't have to be perfect, christian's weren't perfect. Well shut my mouth and call me 'momma'! What kind of christian do you call that? Seriously, tell me. I'd like to know. How about turning the other cheek? I should have know. He couldn't wrap him mind around 'judge not least ye be judged'. He went from throwing out scripture to calling me names. He was so damn funny I couldn't help but laugh at him. My, my, my. I told him I figured out why he was so mean. He was so damn ugly his momma wouldn't nurse him when he was a baby so he hated all women. That had to be it. He ignored that comment so I probably hit a nerve. He came across as the type that likes to dominate others. I feel sorry for his wife, if he has one. He probably took out his anger on her since he wasn't having very much satisfaction from me.

I've never liked people who insult people when they didn't have to. I don't suffer fools gladly. I certainly don't allow men to try to run over me and I like to think that I am able to defend myself against vicious people. Lord knows I've met enough of them over the years.

I may not like droopy drawers but I believe people have the right to dress however they want without the government getting involved and fining people for the clothes they wear. The clothes don't make the man. The man makes the clothes. In other words, you can't judge a book by it's cover.

As Always


  1. Hot dern you get-um Rose

  2. Fine for baggy pants, that is stupid. We do not need more laws, we can't enforce what we have, and that is a stupid decision.
    I do wish people would look down and see that they are about to fall off, and I don't really want to see someone's underwear.
    Susan B Adams

  3. Laws come and laws go .. at one time people used to get moved on if they stood about chatting for a long time (usually youths who were apparently, may be up to no good).
    The law for low slung pants or belly-dancer pants perhaps may have started with a little more than flesh being exposed which is a problem when there are young children about. I'm sure there must be an explanation. Perhaps one of your readers may be able to shed light on its origin.

  4. Polly I don't know if guys in your country wear the big baggy pants, and I doubt it, but this 'style' started when young people started imitating Rappers and prisoners who wore droopy britches. Prisoners were issued clothes that might not fit and their pants bagged on them. Now it's a fashion statement, if you can believe it. So that's how that little fad got started.


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