Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flowers and Such

These are rain lilies. They have been in our family for at least five generations since Daddy gave Scout a pot of rain lilies today. My grandmother had them in a tub by the wellhouse all her life. She got them from her mother. These are my rain lilies on my front stoop. They will bloom every day if you water them. I found this on the internet: "In case you are interested, the botanical name of this is: 
Zephyranthes (species: carinata)."
This is my front stoop and a little angel by the flowerpot. 
Wandering Jew. I like the dark purple leaves.
Wandering Jew is supposed to thrive on misery.
We call this a spider plant. It has little green seed pods that seem to float on the air around it. It's a Cleome. Mine are light purple.
These are my Canna lilies. They are bright fire-poker red when they bloom. Hummingbirds love to feed on them.
My Elephant Ears have finally started growing.
I started to grab the waterhose when I saw THIS on the sprayer.
Hey little fellow.
Look at my mystery plant. I thought it looked like a pumpkin. I was right.


  1. Oh to live in the south and grow all these lovelies outside. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog on Sunday.

  2. I had no idea that the purple leaf plant was called 'wandering jew.' This was a plant that I can remember from my childhood - sadly I do not have the plant any more.


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