Monday, April 14, 2014

Winner Winner

Chicken Dinner. Yum, yum. I love me some chicken dinner. It's simple, really.
Set aside the raw chicken while you prepare the herb mix.
I like to brush olive oil on my pan so the chicken doesn't stick.
I crush crackers with my mortar and pestle. I usually start with three or four crackers at a time and add more if I think I will need them. I add the salt and pepper and any spices I want. Today I used garlic and sage.
I sprinkle the herb mix over my chicken breasts and cover the surface.
I cook my chicken in the oven with the lid on it until it's nearly done. Before it's finished, I take the top off and put the pan under the broiler to give the chicken a crispy crust.
Two perfectly cooked chicken breasts.
That's how you make a delicious chicken dinner with cracker crumbs.
Eat up and enjoy.
Winner, winner! Chicken dinner.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Boy, did we get fooled on Monday. It was a day early but it could definitely qualify as an April Fool's joke.

Donny's doctors told him to exercise so that he could get his strength back. He likes to walk around the church parking lot usually but on Monday he said, "Let's walk down Chitwood Road." 

I've been walking with him to keep an eye on him and I was ready for some new scenery. We took a slow but steady pace as we walked down the country road. By the time we got back home, Colt and Scout were arriving home from work.

Donny ate a bowl of chocolate ice cream and he seemed to be fine. I was in another room when he called me.

Donny said he was sick and his head was cold and clammy again. I was scared he was having heart trouble but the little monitor he wears over his shoulder wasn't going off.

Donny's stomach was messed up and he had to throw up. Donny never gets sick. I talked him into letting me drive him to the hospital. On the way we were trying to figure out what was wrong.

Donny had to go to the hospital last time because he was dehydrated. I asked him what he had to eat and drink. All he could remember was three cups of coffee and a bowl of ice cream. 

The emergency room doctor had told him coffee isn't good for him because it's a diuretic. He hasn't been drinking enough water.  He didn't want to go to the emergency room so I asked him if he'd drink some water to see if it would help. 

We went to Krystal's and got something to drink. I bet we stayed there for at least an hour while Don tried to recuperate. I got his glass refilled. He got sick again after drinking the water too fast but after that he said he felt better. He still didn't want to go to the hospital though so we rode around town. 

Donny told me to take him to Mama's house and he'd rest there. He crashed in the sun room. Mama bundled him up in blankets and even pulled her new heater to the sun room for him.

She petted him and made him pudding to settle his stomach. 

Scout, Katie, and Bennett came to see if he was okay. They had been eating dinner at the Oakwood Cafe while we were in town.

Donny finally said he felt better and he had to go home to take his medicine. He wasn't sick anymore. I sure am glad because I don't do well in a crisis. My first response is to panic. Bless his poor old, new heart.

I'd rather be fooled than be right. I was scared he was having a heart attack. We all were. April fools on us.

Sanna, Patricia, Susie, Debbie, Aja, Allan, and Kathy

Jason and Hanna, Myra and Noodie, Ann and Jim

Beulah Burchfield, Henry Cornwell, and Donna Shoates

It's tax time!


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