Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Mamma and I went to Red Lobster for her birthday. We had a great time and indulged in the ultimate feast. Mamma has always loved seafood but she and Daddy never went out to eat. I think she should enjoy herself and Red Lobster is especially enjoyable. I think I finally gave her a gift she liked.
I have become a goat herder, if you can call anyone who only has one goat, a "herder." Actually, I am a dubious caregiver to a goat, one surly old dog, and a neurotic lovebird plucking itself to death. They all want to follow me around. If the goat can keep me in her sight, she won't cry. But, low, if she can't see me, she goes a bellowing "ma!" all the time. I think she's trying to say "Pam" but she just can't make a P. That's my theory anyway. In all honesty I'm enjoying being at home more and watching the goat is a bonus. 

The bird has developed a crude form of communication. He raises the door of the water bowl and drops it until I look to see if it needs water. He also does the same thing when he wants seed. That's pretty smart for a bird brain. I guess he had to figure out something because sometimes I ignore him.
Aaron, Dustin, Tyler, Sara, Colt, Tim, Eddie, Jimmy, Gary, Dana, Nancy, Hanna, Keegan, and Shanda

Chase and Krista Sheram

J.L. Strickland, Mary Bell Carter, Sam Burchfield, Charlie Burchfield, 
and Steve Yeargin

Flag day June 14, Father's day and Summer June 21st


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