Sunday, July 2, 2017

I'm Not a Republican

Let me preface this with "I have never been mistaken for a Republican" 
Okay. This is getting better and better. The other day I had an experience at the hospital with one of my FB friends when she innocently whispered to me that she thought we were the only two Trump supporters in the waiting room, I was speechless. Well, not really. (You know me, right?) I looked around the waiting room and saw a bunch of elderly people and a family of Hispanic people. Hmm ... Believe me, not many people in Georgia are Democrats. We both had a good exchange and a few laughs with a stranger in the lobby. It wasn't contentious, just lively, if you know what I mean.
Later on, my mamma reminded me that her husband had written several letters to the editor in the local rag complaining about "takers" or whatever it is conservative, tight ass, privileged, white, males complain about. I don't take the Dalton paper, so I'd forgotten. It was enlightening but I still didn't regret complaining loudly about Republicans trying to take social security and medicare and medicaid from us.
She asked me if I wanted the government to support us from the cradle to the grave and I said, "Hell, yeah. If they can afford to take us into two wars they sure as hell can afford to feed people and give them healthcare!" ((I was a little loud.))
Anyway, I stand by my stance and believe that a country as prosperous as America should be ashamed to have homeless people and allow poor people, and children and elderly people to go hungry and be denied healthcare.
I told her that if she followed me on FB she should know I'm not a Trump supporter. I came back today and checked to find out she had unfriended me. I'm sure she hasn't been on my friends list for a long time because I don't have any less friends than I've had for months. Anywho ...
After I was with Mamma and came back to the waiting room I asked her how her husband had done. She said they had to put a stint in. I told her I hope he makes a speedy recovery.
I'm not trying to shame her but I want to know why Republicans think they deserve healthcare but people who don't have lots of money don't.
Despite the fact I embarrass my Christian friends sometimes I have a big heart and I bought into all that "Jesus says" stuff and believe his greatest virtue was his giving and loving heart and his compassion for others.
I also believed that this country was great because everybody was entitled to justice and equality for all.
Maybe I'm a dreamer (flower child), but I'm not the only one. I want healthcare for everyone, even the assholes who would deny it to others.
Later I got this message:
Pam. There are no words for what you wrote on your public face book page. I was in shock that you could lower yourself for such stupidity. There are no words for you..... and by the way I never de-friended you. YOU have defriended me. I feel sorry for you and never in a million years would have believed you were that evil and downright mean. I am sorry that when security was called they did not haul you out of the hospital for the vulgar cursing you used in front of the young adults and the folks that were there and worried and concerned about their loved ones. They did not want to hear your CRAZY political views. Every one was looking at you. I am so hurt and mad that you could have wrote such a stupid story.
I responded:
I did not unfriend you. Really. I am surprised you bothered to read my FB page and I am sorry you got so upset. I didn't give you a hard time and I didn't KNOW SECURITY WAS CALLED, if they ever were. I was not trying to offend anybody and I was telling the truth. You DID say that we were probably the only Trump supporters in the hospital. I did not use your name and I did not try to embarrass you. I think your husband's politics speaks volumes about your crazy political views, not mine. Get over yourself. I was trying to point out that people deserve healthcare no matter who they are or who they vote for. If you can't see that it is your business.

I was in the hospital waiting on my 88 year old mother's procedure. I've been in the hospital about a dozen times since 2013 with Daddy and Momma and Donny and my son and myself. I do understand the pressure people are under while waiting on their sick relatives to get HEALTHCARE. I was not writing a stupid story but while I'm at it I'd like to ask WHY DON'T PEOPLE BELIEVE EVERYBODY DESERVES HEALTHCARE?
I'd like an answer from someone. Why don't people in America believe everybody deserves healtcare?

Was I really too mean, for God's sake . . .

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