Friday, November 1, 2013


Today I was sitting in Colt's room playing on his computer when I heard a big "BAM". I jumped up immediately and headed out the door as I said, "Somebody had a wreck!" Colt and Donny weren't far behind. We piled outside to see what was going on.

I could see a flame of fire on the shoulder of the road. By the time I got to the end of the driveway the fire was out but wreckage was strewn across the highway. Traffic was stopped in both directions and some people were headed to the scene of the accident. 

A motorcycle wheel was laying on the shoulder of the road beside the driveway of the church near our house. Further down the road there was a blue car in the ditch on the other side of the road. A motorcycle was laying down at the second driveway of the church.

People gathered around a man laying on the pavement. Several men and two ladies were trying to comfort him. One lady, kneeling down beside him was trying to keep him calm and awake. Another woman was on a cell phone calling 911 and the young man's father. Traffic began to back up in both directions before long.

Two guys were in the blue car. They weren't as badly hurt as the motorcyclist. One man said he was the driver. He told me he was trying to pass a car when he ran into the motorcycle head on. He admitted it was all his fault. He hadn't seen the motorcycle until it was too late. 

An ambulance came and transported the motorcycle rider to the hospital. He was in serious condition.

Soon two wreckers came and loaded up the motorcycle and the car and took them away. Finally, the road was cleared and everything looked back to normal.

With that in mind, and the holidays on the way, everybody needs to drive carefully and keep an eye out for other drivers, especially motorcyclists and bike riders. You never know when one small decision can change someone's life. Stay safe and don't speed. Five extra minutes isn't worth anyone's life.

Samantha, Dawn, and Larry

Roy and Sara



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