Tuesday, July 26, 2016


my monthly
Thank you for your kindness and patience in taking the time to peruse my weak attempts at humor or whatever you want to call my monthly ramblings.

I haven't been very forthcoming about my life and my family because it seems there is always too much drama. (Don't ask.) 

Did I tell you I hate drama? Well, I do. That still doesn't mean I don't cause as much as I experience. I say that to my shame. I have the manners of a billy goat and I'm not a peace maker. That is not my job. I don't have a job anymore.

I think I should get involved in politics. I'd have to be better than the politicians we have now. Am I right? 

I'm getting tired of everybody else going to Washington and getting rich making backroom deals. I figure I can run on the Honesty platform. Heck, most of those congressmen take a couple of years to become really corrupt (aka richer) and I'm such a dummy it would take me literally years to learn their tricks and the voters could vote me out by the time I become corrupted. Years, I tell you!

I miss having a period. Now I don't have an excuse to bloat and pout for a week. Strangely, I miss that. I also don't have a rage of hormones to course through me and engulf me in righteous indignation. Therefore, my flame is becoming dim. That's why I'm becoming a monthly.

If I could, I would rant and rage, but I can't do that anymore. I haven't felt as full of myself and as inflamed since I lost my daddy. I know that probably sounds stupid and I know it came completely out of left field but that's the truth.

When my daddy was alive, I wondered if he read my blog. I always kept a keen eye and tried not to say anything I shouldn't. My parents didn't like too much drama, either, although sometimes I have to wonder.

Anyway, I never did learn whether my mother read my blog except for the time or two I showed her something I'd posted. I didn't know if my daddy knew I could even spell, much less write until one time he asked me to write something funny for the old car club he belonged to that he wanted to share. I never did get around to writing that story for him.

My aunts read some of my stories and told me they liked them so they may have told Mama and Daddy about me. I didn't think they cared.

It's funny that you can be born in a family and feel close to one another and when the unthinkable happens and you lose a linchpin everything changes. That happened when we lost my father and I've seen it happen to families around me who have been crippled with pain and loss. It happens every single time someone loses someone they love. That's why I want to say be gentle and be patient. Their lives will never be the same and it takes some time to adjust to the rest of their own lives. Just hang in there. It'll get better. That's what they say. I'll tell you when it happens.

Between running to doctors and dentists and trying to maintain, our lives are very full right now. All in all, it's not so bad as long as you look on the bright side. I'll let you know when I see it. 

Take it easy.

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