Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Donny wanted to take a trip to Ellijay so we planned a family outing. Scout and Katie wanted to go. We all piled into the old Merc and rode over Fort Mountain. Ellijay is on the other side of the mountain. Ellijay hosts an apple festival in October every year.

Donny stopped at the top of the mountain to enjoy the view. The fall colors were on full display and there was snow laying in shady patches. Bennett was excited. Well, Katie was really excited. Katie gets excited about everything. It's all new to her.

Donny didn't feel good last year when we went to the Ellijay apple festival so we had to cut our trip short. I think that's why Donny was determined to go back to Ellijay this year. It's a man thing. I reckon. I'm just glad he's up and around. We had a heck of a scare this year.
Donny, Katie, Scout and Bennett posed for me at the mountain overlook. It looks like Bennett is mesmerized with the view. I don't blame him. That's a long, long way down. Donny looks like Popeye. That must be where Scout got that look. Maybe that's Don's pirate face. Aaarrrgg!
We came home by another route. We got apples and other goodies at the Red Apple Barn (Hwy 76) on our way home. I'm glad I can eat fruit because we bought lots of apples. They didn't last long though. It appears I'm not the only one who likes fruit.

I went to a class for diabetics at the Hamilton Diabetes Center last week and they stressed the importance of eating a balanced diet and fruit is part of a balanced diet. 

An RN talked to us about diabetes. She also had a nutritionist and and ophthalmologist talk to us. The nutritionist had fake food and portion sizes to help us visualize healthy servings. I haven't got there yet but I am trying. The ophthalmologist told of dangers to our eyes and the importance of having a dilated eye exam every year. You have to take care of your teeth and feet, too.

Diabetes affects every part of the body. It's scary. It made me want to take care of myself from now on. That is why I'm exercising and trying to stay away from the sweets. 

Wish me luck in my new journey to become healthy again as I wish every one of you the same fortune in your own life. This won't be easy but the apples will help. So does the support of friends. 
If you think I'm rambling now you should be listening inside my head. 
Samantha, Dawn, and Larry

~Mama and Daddy~

Albert Silver, Charlie McAllister, Edwadene McAllister, 
Delbert Callahan, Crick Marshall, Frances Causby, 
and Roy Burchfield


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