Saturday, January 11, 2014


It looks like two thousand fourteen is going to be a rough year. We are facing a new year and a new era in our lives as we adjust to the loss of Daddy. My sons and I have been doing everything we can to help Mama. I try to check on her every day and we are always ready to help her any way we can.

We had record breaking temperatures this week. It got down to 7 degrees Tuesday night. Mama's water froze and the pipes burst. Scout and Colt tried to cut the water off but it wouldn't budge. 

Mama called the utilities company and they came down to turn the water main off early the next day. She said she heard a loud "pop" when he turned it. Mama can't hear squat so it must have been really loud. 

The man who turned the water off said it was okay and only the sound of metal scraping against metal. Yeah, right! 

The water company will have to come fix the broken cutoff on the main line. The meter box has been fulling up with water and Mama's water was cut off. 

Scout and Colt worked on the water line every evening after work. Scout and Colt fixed everything, even the box over the pipes. They put new pvc pipes and the regulator back on the house and finally got the water turned on. Mama bought insulation to cover the pipes. We sure don't want to go through this again. 

Stay safe. Stay warm. And above all ... let the water drip when the temperatures are in the single digits.

Rhonda, Amanda, Evelyn, Ann, Frankie, Lisa, Angie, Sue, Norma, Joey, Donna, Valerie, Angela, Jacob, Mika, Brenda, and Teresa

Donny and Pam

Roy Burchfield, Jimmy Hutson, Sam Burchfield, Vivian Shoates, Lela Smith, Beulah Burchfield


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