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I've been enjoying the election showdowns between the Democrats and the Republicans. It's going to be an exciting race between now and November. 

I didn't watch all of the Republican convention, but I saw enough of it on the news to keep up. When I did watch it, I noticed a subdued excitement across the crowds. They seem reluctant to see Governor Romney as their candidate because of all the baggage he carries. He's rich, he's a Mormon, he's a flip-flopper, he's controlled by super-pacs, and he's surrounding himself with the extreme right wing radicals in the party. 

Tell me, do any Christian churches preach that Mormonism is part of the Christian community? I'm curious. I doubt any do here in the south but, if I am wrong, please let me know. I welcome an answer. I wonder if preachers have changed their tunes and support Mormons, and tell their flocks that Romney is the better man. It's ironic that they accused Obama of not being a Christian and now they are going to vote for a Mormon. No offense, if you're a Mormon. To each, their own. It's just that the irony is staggering.

We got the joy of a double whammy in the last two weeks for political junkies like me. The Republican convention was last week and they nominated Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential candidate. They kept saying that they had a plan. Their plan is to continue tax cuts for the wealthy and cut programs for the poor.

This week the Democratic convention is in full swing. President Obama is the Democratic presidential nominee for 2012. For me, it's must-see TV. I'm so excited. President Obama is working hard to help the needy and the poor. He is fighting to shore up social security and to help educate our children so that they can attain a better future. He is working for the people. Romney is working for the corporations.

Let the games begin.

Last time I posted this

A comment about the atmosphere of the 2012 election fervor on a message board summed it up nicely. James Holloway said: So the racists are circling the wagons. The one thing that Mr O's election has done that no one can debate is, it's brought the racists out of the closet into the main street of town. 

It got me thinking about all the other comments I've read.
So I decided to collect a few and give you a peek
At the things I've seen 
Like this . . . 

Magelan Smejkal: listed Obama's Accomplishments: Lilly Ledbetter equal pay act, Credit Card companies thwarted from additional interest, stricter tobacco control, hate crimes bill, 4,000,000 uninsured children now insured, college loan revamping to cut out middleman and waste for more student loan availability, Kennedy service act tripling Americorp, cash for clunkers that rescued falling auto sales, stimulus bill which was the largest tax cut, education investment and clean air support ever, ACA, real health reform that a dozen Presidents tried but Obama completed, the financial reform bill to curb Wall Street excesses to avoid future catastrophes, Veterans reform expanding VA access, 25 tax cuts, land conservation, and formed a consumer protection agency and reduced the deficit, too! The Democrats did this IN SPITE of the Republicans not voting with them. The Democrats risked their political career to stand for what was right instead of just for their own political career. Now, we have a Congress that has obstructed and sabotaged every forward motion for one reason, interest in the benefits of being a career politician. Republicans stand for making Obama fail, giving billionaires and big business tax cuts so that "YOU PEOPLE" must continue to carry the load. VOTE

Some comments were informative, and others more passionate.

Cathy Hosie Roberts: I posted a message on Paul Ryans fb page telling him he is a liar and it was removed so he is a chickenshit too

I pointed out that He knows that the money President Obama took from Medicare he reinvested into programs that actually extend the life of medicare by 8 years and that his own budget takes the same 716 billion from medicare but because it is given to big oil and in tax breaks to the wealthy it shortens the life of medicare by 4 years. So how can he sit there and lie like that and expect our votes does he think we are too stupid to read the budgets for ourselves and know whats up? And now my post is gone. What a chicken shit.

Still others reflect feelings of disilluionment and sorrow.

Jack B. Quik: Sad commentary on our times. Those in politics bare a great responsibility to our country in keeping peace amongst our citizens. Yet many abuse this power, demonizing one side or the other, calling them names, saying one party wants to hurt you or that it is ok if you hurt members of that party.

Intelligent people know this and can disregard political bravado. But politicians seem to forget that there are not only talking to intelligent people. There are sick people, easily misled people, schizophrenic people, scared people and anti social people out there as well. And to these people, threats of government takeover or demons or whatever other boogeyman you can think of are very real inside their heads. The more you joke that hurting the other side is ok, the more people like this believe it. And the more people like this believe it, the more people end up dead.

Holding office is a public service. It is up to you to use that power responsibility, and using it to encourage peace amongst our citizens, not to encourage a civil war. If we keep polarizing the country into two sides, you can bet that that is exactly what will happen.

When Soledad O'Brien put the smackdown on Christione O'Donnell
for misusing communism, socialism, and Marxism

Buck Johnson: Christine put on a little weight since her last attempt at the senate. What Christine needs to understand is if Obama and his administration was communist, why bailout the banks? In a communists nation all those banks would have been nationalized and taken over and it would be all under a name like the National Bank of the US of A. He bailed out those banks (which he should have had them wound down and broken up) to save the US economy. He should have allowed GM go into a real bankruptcy, that thats the free market way. The reason he didn't is because that would have seized up the supply chain and costs millions their jobs and possibly push is right over into a harder depression. And the levee's Soledad is correct that was built with govt. money. Christine is saying that govt. supposed to do that infrastructure but that was a cop out. If the govt. is supposed to look after the good of the whole then what about the EPA or FDA which the republicans want shut down because of to many rules.

Rules just like those levees are there to protect everyone pure and simple. Her logic is so flawed it's amazing. If the govt. was smaller private money wouldn't have built those levee's. Actually they would have for their own protection (homes of the rich, their factories etc. etc.) but for the rest, do it yourself. A pure capitalists society would end up to be a feudalistic structure where it would be impossible unless by the graces of a person at the top for an individual to go up in society or get a loan or start a business.

Politics are like watching a magician but instead of scarves and cards
They use fear and bombard us with lies.

Cari Loveland: How anyone could vote for him is beyond me-- but then again, propaganda and fear-mongering have always been successful techniques for brain-washing the masses. Emotion, not logic, rules the kind of cognitive dissonance that is required in order to vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket and other politicians of their ilk... :-\

People are starting to realize they better speak up and fight back.

They aren't willing to sit back and listen to the lies from the right any longer.

After President Clinton spoke at the Democratic National Convention,

Thomas Bailey: Republicans STILL aren't over Bill getting with Monica? Even after all of his accusers in the Congress (Vitter, Burton, Livingston, Barr, Newt) were found to have love-children, and be having affairs, and Newt was screwing his intern at the very same time while breaking up with his wife by phone? Really? Still? Even after Vitter's hooker scandal, and wide-stance Larry Craig in the bathroom, and Foley chasing intern boys? Really? You still want to talk about Monica? OK, you dirty old hooker-hiring, boy chasing, anonymous-sex-in-bathrooms GOP. Let's talk about Monica then.

I think the tide has turned. Americans are no longer sitting idly by 
Allowing the Republicans to control our economy
And our destiny.

I think, this time, we're in the fight for our lives and nothing could be
More important than preserving our American values for
Our children and future generations of Americans.




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