Saturday, September 1, 2012


This has been a whacky summer. At first it was so hot I thought we would be in a drought all summer, then it started raining and cooled down to mild temperatures in the 80's. Before you knew it summer was over and fall is upon us. 

My Rose of Sharon bushes didn't bloom out like they usually do by the fourth of July but they are spectacular now. There are big, bright, red berries on our dogwood trees in our front yard. The rains, and the milder temperatures must have confused the cycle of the plants because they aren't acting normal.

We got lots of vegetables out of our garden and the freezer is full again. That will help our food bill this winter. Don has been taking our excess tomatoes and okra to the neighbors to share. We have more than we need so I think we had a very good summer.

Schools have started back and Colt's back at the University so I'm back in my old routine. I've gotten used to not having the boys around and I spend all my spare time playing on the internet and on Facebook. 

I know I'm going to alienate lots of friends between now and November because I can not resist a meme, or an article, or blog about the candidates. I am a big Obama supporter. I dread what America will be like under a more conservative and impersonal Republican presidency. I don't necessarily think Mr. Obama will be reelected but I hope he does. 

The Republicans want to take us way back to 1950's America. I thought that, by the turn of the century, we would be living more like the Jetson's than back in time like in Pleasantville. Talk about going Back in Time. Whew!

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