Tuesday, May 24, 2016

MAY 2016

Today was one of those days. I had a dentist appointment but was late because I realized our goat, Bonnie, was out and I had to go looking for her before I left. Thank goodness our neighbor caught her and was bringing her home when I started looking. He probably heard me yelling for her.

After my dental appointment I had to rush home to make sure Bonnie was still in the pen. I shut the door so she couldn't escape again. I didn't have time to look for the hole in the fence. 

I ran to the electric company to pay my bill that I had forgot all about until the other night. I was happy I got it paid within the grace period and didn't owe a late fee but when I went back to my truck to leave it wouldn't start. Oh great! This day was turning out to be a doozie. I called the mechanic and then Scout and Donny, just in case I needed them later. 

I wasted about an hour trying to get my truck to start.

Donny finally told me to mash the doohickey that Scout pushed when it wouldn't start the last time. I looked around under the hood. To say I'm inept is a compliment. I took some cover off of something and then had to put it back on because I didn't see anything there to push. I finally realized the doodad was right in front of me but I couldn't reach it. No problem. I got my trusty old back scratcher I carry in my truck and used the handlike stick to push the spring a couple of times then I tried to crank my truck and, by golly, it worked! That was a relief. 

I'm just glad to finally be home.
Well, today was another day. I thought, "what the heck, I'll do some running around" clearly ignoring my precarious predicament from yesterday. I convinced my buddy, Joann, to go riding around with me and we ended up at Burger's Market in Carbondale. 

Lo and behold, the truck bowed up on me and wouldn't start. Who'd a knew? Well, we called in the cavalry and waited. It was a long hot wait. Joann and I got comfy with a sun shade and ice cold water compliments of the lady from Burger's Market. 

Joann was rescued by her friend, Nancy, who came down to Carbondale to pick Joann up. My son, Scout, came by after work to see if he could help. Nothing we did worked. He gave me the number for the wrecker service and left. 

It wasn't very long before Donny arrived from work and tried to start the truck. No such luck. We finally gave up and called Dalton Wrecker and had them haul my Ford to the mechanic in Resaca. We've become such reliable customers we've built sort of a bond. I hope he won't mind coming to get the keys to my truck in the morning when I call. Crap! I wasted a couple of hours today because I didn't take the truck to the garage the first thing today like I should have. I should have known better.

Oh lord, help me through Wednesday. It looks like it's going to be a fun-filled week.

It was the fuel pump.

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