Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's Growing

The new squash plants have grown.

Our fenced in garden.

Can you identify this? It was a volunteer and it is huge.

Squash plants.

Our green garden.
What the heck is this plant?
It's getting longer, and longer.

Cleome / Spider plant

Bloom on vine. I wonder what it is.
Look how long it's gotten now.

We should have some peanuts this year.

I planted seeds from a loofah plant.

Look at our mystery plant.

It's setting fruit . . . or something.

It's yellow like a squash but I think it is a pumpkin. We'll see!

This is pretty good for a volunteer.

You can barely walk in the garden now.

Momma calls this Monkey Face. 

The garden is growing by leaps and bounds.

Click on the pictures to see close up. This is our fenced in garden. You can tell how much that 'mystery vine' has been growing in the pictures. It is spectacular. The tomato garden is growing, too, but half of that garden is overrun with weeds because we didn't put down papers and straw around the okra. The okra never came up and now it is covered in weeds again. We will have to re-till it if we want to replant okra.

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