Friday, July 1, 2011


Tiger Lily

Summertime is bringing lots of changes for everyone. Our family dynamic has changed. Scout and Kim are co-habitating in Sugar Valley. They have a nice little house and a shady big yard. There is plenty of room for Layla to play. Colt is working with Scout this summer putting in fencing and other things for Fencing Unlimited. They both work for Bob DeGraan. They worked at Berry College last week.

Daddy and Momma haven't been doing as well as they should be doing. Momma is down in her back and can't do anything without being in great pain. That is killing her because she can't resist bending to pull weeds. Daddy has a knot on his jaw and had to go to the doctor. It is on his Parotid gland. They did a biopsy and are waiting on the results. I had my Parotid gland removed nearly 20 years ago. It took a long time for the nerves to grow back.

Colt is moving off campus this year. He and his roommate, Bob, are sharing an apartment. We went to Marietta last week to check them out. They found a nice place close to Southern Polytechnic State University. Colt laughs at me when I talk about going to the big city of Marietta. I guess he's becoming cosmopolitan now. By the time he graduates he won't want to come back to tiny little boring Resaca.

Colt usually likes to hang out with his friends when he's not lolling around at the house but he has started visiting a little old girl that he liked when he was a kid in high school. He used to hang out with me and play his guitar for hours. Now he goes to visit his girlfriend.

The times they are a' changing. Happy 4TH OF JULY and God Bless America.

Fire Up The Barbie
and fill the pool!


Krista, Athena, Jennifer, Christy, Nathan, Madison, Holly, Coven,, Tristan, Evitt, Tillie
and everybody else celebrating this month

to everyone celebrating this month

As Always

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