Monday, July 4, 2011

Our Celebration

Today was a good day. I raked leaves out of the front yard under the Magnolia trees and put them in the mulch pile outback. It didn't start raining until I got them all up. 

Scout came over to work on his car. He is putting a new carburetor and radiator on his car. He stopped working before it started raining.

We had about three thunderstorms today. The front yard was standing in water  after it started raining so hard. About a month ago Don sowed some grass seeds in the front yard. I hope it will start growing now.

This evening Donny and I went to Kim and Scout's house to celebrate the 4th with them. Kim is a very good cook. The barbecue ribs were delicious. Later we went outside to set off some fireworks and watch Layla swim in her little pool.

Donny had fun playing with Layla in the pool. Kim had fun setting off fireworks. And, naturally, Scout had fun starting a fire. I had fun taking pictures of everyone.

 Scout cleared out the brush in back of their house. Now you can see all the way to the railroad tracks. He also has a little garden at the edge of the woods.

This train had eight engines and no cars on it. It went by while we were standing in the backyard. 

The rain was nice. It cooled everything down and the steam rose off the roads like fog. Today was a great day to spend time with our family. Thanks for a wonderful day Kim and Layla and Scout. Happy fourth of July everyone.

As Always


  1. Nice pics. Hope your holiday was great.

  2. It was low key. Low key is great when you don't want excitement. Excitement is usually accompanied by trouble. I don't like trouble. I guess I'm getting old. haha


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