Thursday, November 8, 2012

Scout's Project

Scout got a utility building last Christmas. I helped him get lumber to put a floor in it. He finally got it together after nine months. Colt helped him set the building on the floor and they screwed it down one Saturday.

This is the little building they placed on the floor and screwed down. Scout needs it to put his stuff in. He's got lots of stuff. 

They got the doors attached and after a couple of adjustments they were working well.

There it is with the doors shut, and there it is with the doors . . . STUCK! 

There's nothing like having family to help you when you have a big project to put together. A big strong brother sure comes in handy sometimes.

"Bubba, quit standing there and get to work. I'm not paying you to stand around just looking pretty." 

Bubba: "I didn't know you was paying me."

Bro: "I'm not. Didn't you hear me? I said, 'I'm not ..' and you ain't pretty either."

Bubba: "Ah, Bro."

All they had to do was finish up a few touches and Wah-Lah! it was done. You have to love that Strickland teamwork. Good job, guys.


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