Friday, November 23, 2012

My Dental Teams

This is Doctor Phil. My dentist, Doctor Frank, sent me to Doctor Phil when my teeth started getting loose. Doctor Phil did a bone implant and later did a skin graft to regrow gum. Doctor Phil is a nice, considerate doctor who has made me feel comfortable throughout my dental surgeries and office visits. 
Doctor Phil aka Doctor Phillip L. Parham, Jr.
Dalton Dental Implants
Doctor Phil has a wonderful office staff. The receptionist, and financial officer are friendly and helpful. This is my hygienist, Cindy. She gently cleans my teeth and makes every visit pleasant.

Cindy Hardin, RDH
dental hygienist

Doctor Phil also has a fine team who work with him during surgery procedures. Kristie assisted the doctor as he ground the bonding off my front teeth. He used a tool to break it loose. It made my front teeth sore. I'll have to let them tighten up again and be careful not to bite something hard for a while. He warned me about apples and corn on the cob. Now I'm craving apples and corn. Go figure!

Kristie Plott
surgical assistant

Doctor Frank is my regular dentist. I have been going to his office for a long time. I went to his father before Doctor Frank, Sr. retired. I tried other dentists after he retired but came back to Rachel, my hygienist, who worked for Doctor Frank, Sr. before she started working for Doctor Frank, Jr.
Doctor Frank aka Doctor Frank J. Patterson, Jr.

Rachel has been cleaning my teeth most of my life. She knows me and can tell when I get nervous. My nose starts itching when I do. She has to stop cleaning and give me time to rub my nose. She thinks I'm funny.

See the 'attractive' gap between my teeth. It's better than the alternative. Thanks to Doctor Phil and Doctor Frank, I hope to have my teeth for a very long time.

Take a piece of advice from me and take care of your teeth. They become more precious as you grow older. Brush and floss, kids. Good dental health is part of a good health care regime.


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  1. Sounds like you have a very good team behind you! Well, it only means that your 'dental team' is to the rescue on any possible dental problems you might encounter. And I think it is good to have a regular dental team that will take care of your dental concerns, so you can be assured that your gums and pearly whites are in good health! Lon @


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