Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Can you feel the energy around us? Doesn't it feel like something is about to pop? I've been feeling this sense of foreboding all month long. I can feel the winds of change and discontent around me. I don't know if it's all in my mind or there is something really happening in the universe. It seems like March is a mercurial month, full of change. The grass is growing, the pollen is everywhere, and people are acting strange. 

An airline pilot flipped out the other day on a flight. He was yelling and the passengers had to subdue him. I would imagine, after 911, everybody had already decided what they would do in the event of an emergency. If the passengers on the four hijacked planes had reacted so quickly when they were threatened they might have survived. I don't think anybody else will ever be able to get away with taking over a plane again. The passengers will refuse to go down without a fight. I know I would. The airline pilot was just one example of the crazy things that are happening this month.

People used to say that if old people survived through March they would survive another year. Winters were a lot harder when my grandparents, and their grandparents, were alive. Life was harder and they didn't all have access to doctors or medicine. Doctors didn't know how to cure as many illnesses at they can now. Today we have antibiotics to fight deadly diseases. Medicine has given us a chance to live longer, more productive, healthier lives. Science and medicine has made remarkable bounds.

I have a calendar I keep birthdays and deaths written on. That's my small attempt at genealogy. My aunt Crick and my gramma died in March a few days apart. My aunt Ev died exactly 20 years after them. Donny's grandmother also  passed away in March. That seems to support the old wives tale about surviving March.

There may be a malaise across the nation because we are in an election year and the candidates leave a lot to be desired. Everything will come down to the November elections and how many people get off their butts and vote. I think there was about a 30 percent turnout for the last election in our county. Yeah, buddy. Why don't we all stay home and let somebody else pick the schmuck who represents us? I know I'll feel better if 70 percent of the electorate just sleeps on through the elections. NOT!

I admit I've become an armchair activist and I can not stand the way this country is headed. The reason we have idiots to vote for is because people aren't willing to work to change things. Candidates can't take the scrutiny of the media because their dirty laundry, and past ramblings will come back to bite them in the ass if they don't stay true to their inner beliefs. If candidates dance around and change their stance on issues to win votes, I can imagine what they will be like if they win.

I think everything is screwed up, even the internet. Everybody seems to be in an uproar about something on the internet. Right now it is the timeline on Facebook.  People are also complaining about their slow service. Everybody is aggravated about something. 

Today I had a meltdown when I couldn't find some papers I needed for income tax. I got upset and called Colt and Scout complaining about the lost paper. Naturally, after I settled down and tore the room apart I found it in an envelope I hadn't checked.

I'll be glad when March is over and we move on. This is wearing me out. Colt even had a meltdown last week and Donny and I drove to Marietta to check on him. I had to fight my fear of driving at dark because it was nearly sundown. Thank goodness, we made it down there and back safe and sound. 

I've had enough drama. It's time to relax and enjoy spring. That's why I'm glad Donny started a garden. He planted lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, onions and strawberries. We have lots to look forward to this summer. Gardening soothes the soul. Blesses our hearts. Now, go outside and dig in the dirt again. You'll thank me later.


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