Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ides Of March

Whew! We made it. I always exhale a sigh of relief after March 12-13 rolls around. Nineteen years ago we were blanketed in by a blizzard that covered the east coast. Electricity was out for days. We survived with two stinky old kerosene heaters sitting in the kitchen that were more suitable for outdoor use, and by piling in the same bed to stay warm. The boys were little then so they didn't mind. We even had a king size water mattress that was big enough for us all.

We didn't have any power or heat but we did have water. Resaca has a water tower which probably kept everybody comfortable flushing their toilets during the blizzard. We weren't able to check on anyone else because the phones were out, too. I had no idea how Momma and Daddy were getting by but I knew Daddy would have it under control. He and Momma are resourceful.

I was deliriously happy when Donny's brother, Tony, showed up in his four wheel drive to rescue us. We had been sitting at home for days. They had heat and running water. We were finally able to clean up and start feeling refreshed. The power came back on soon after we went to Tunnel Hill. That figures. We were able to come home again.

I have never seen so much snow. It was 'the Superstorm of the century' in the south. I hope we get a guarantee on that because it was awful. Nobody in the south was prepared for a storm like that. Some people froze to death in their cars. People were stranded in airports, and on highways, and wherever they were at the time. 

The storm started late the first night. I made the boys come in and take a bath, instead of playing in the snow that night. I am still reminded that they got gypped out of playing in the snow. The next day the snow was so deep, and we didn't have any heat so I didn't let them go outside and play because I was afraid they'd get sick.

Since we've passed the disaster date in March, we still have to worry about what else we might have to contend with before spring arrives and we don't have any more winter weather. 

My great grandmother used to say that the old people always said that if they made it through March they would survive the year out. I guess the weather was so unpredictable, and old people were so susceptible to illness, that there were plenty of people who passed away during the last throes of winter's steely grasp. Medicine has come a long way since my great grandmother was alive but elderly people still have to be careful and they fall prey to bronchial disease. 

The doctor had been treating Momma for bronchitis until her other doctor said she had more blood clots causing her symptoms. The GP should have made sure to rule out blood clots in the first place because she suffered an episode a couple of years ago.

If you ever studied literature you may know that the 'ides of March' refer to the assassination of Julius Caesar. Beware the ides of March* is a warning of the coming danger. When we were in high school we had one wonderful teacher who exposed us to the arts and literature and worked hard to expand our minds. (Thank you Mrs. Weit. You made an indelible mark on me.)

Y'all hang in there. Spring is just around the corner.

*March 15, 44 B.C. 

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  1. Kimberly said:
    In 93 during blizzard my brother and me had spent the night w our grandparents( we did every Friday) luckily bc trees fell on my house, one right thru my bedroom and I remember finally getting home weeks later and branches resting on my bed. My parents made it thru storm in my dads 4x4 with our neighbors in tow bc the trees would not stop falling. We were snowed in at my grandmothers w our neighbors for a week w no water/power. We melted snow on kerosene heater for baths and used grill for food. My dad and my grandpa got stranded in a ditch trying to help out some fire fighters that were stuck. They had to walk home 2 miles in snow and my grandpa collapsed I know now it prob almost killed him. I remember him laying in bed with tons if quilts on and my grandma rubbing his feet until he got feeling back in them. When roads were safer my dad too us to town to get supplies and coming down a hill a man in an army truck rear ended us bc he was following so close. My dad got out and had words with him b4 getting back on to continue our drive. The army guy followed us all thru town right on our tail. My dad pulled over, had some stronger words and a shove . The man didn't harass us anymore. He was mad bc my dad had stopped at a stop sign which caused the man to rear end us. Totally the other guys fault. It was very scary. Regardless of being snowed in with no amenities and the couple crazy things happening I have so many good memories of my family from the blizzard. Playing in the snow w my uncles, spending a week w our neighbors and cooling soup on top of the heater. I wore my "I survived the blizzard of 93" shirt for 2 weeks straight to school. Insurance fixed our house and we were back home in a month. I didn't mind staying at grandma and papas. Sorry for the long post. Blog wouldn't let me post it and I thought it was worth sharing.


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