Friday, May 27, 2011

I Got Gas . . .

I know you don't like being preached to and I sure ain't the one to be doing that but I thought I'd let you in on something that I became aware of recently and pass the information on to you. 

We were visiting my father when he told me about his generator leaking gasoline on the carport. When he saw the mess, he took the generator to be fixed and the service man told him that ethanol gasoline causes gaskets to disintegrate and clogs up breathers and ruins a lot of gas engines. He cleaned the filter and told Daddy to use pure gasoline, not ethanol, and it would run fine.

I went online to search for any gas stations that sold pure gasoline in our area. There was one on Carbondale Road and one on Cleveland Road in Dalton Georgia. I went to the Smart Mart and told them I was going to start buying all our gasoline from them because it didn't have any ethanol in it. 

I told the clerk about the gas eating up gaskets and being corrosive. She told me that they had to use a special truck to bring the pure gasoline to the station because the trucks that carry gas with ethanol would cause the gas to leak out. The tanks with ethanol are corrosive! That was an eye-opener.

Our neighbor, Mr. Fowler, borrowed some gas when his riding mower ran out at our driveway. He offered to get me some more gas but I told him I was going to buy pure gasoline, and I told him why. I told him I was anxious to start buying normal gasoline again and see what happened. Our new lawnmower sounds as bad as the old one, sputtering and stalling.

Mr. Fowler said a friend of his told him the same thing about ethanol gasoline. His friend told him he fixed old gas engines. You have to clean out the breathers and run them on pure gasoline and then they will work again. The ethanol gasoline ruins the engines.

If ethanol gas can ruin and clog small gas engines you can only imagine what damage it is doing to other big engines like cars and boats and trucks.

When we first started hearing about ethanol gasoline we were told that it was the wave of the future and it would cause our independence from middle eastern oil. It was touted as an environmentally sound source of fuel. At first, I bought into the idea. But then I started to learn that we were gradually being forced to use ethanol gasoline and, wonder of wonders, it was more expensive. How the heck did we let that law pass? That is not the wave of the future.

When the economy because bloated and burst like a fat tick as prices skyrocketed like bottle rockets on the fourth of July food prices began to climb, too. Grain prices began to rise alarmingly and poor countries that used to buy grain at lower rates were unable to afford the rising prices and people began starving around the world. Storms and droughts caused huge destruction for farmers in the heartland. Prices kept climbing and grain became more valuable as a fuel source than a food source.

I gradually began to see that every time the government passes a new law they don't use their heads to evaluate the entire issues that surround a subject before enacting it as a law. Ethanol gasoline is EVERYWHERE. It is very hard to find a station that sells REAL gasoline. As I began to research this issue I learned that gas with ethanol gets WORSE miles per gallon than pure gasoline. How stupid is that? 

Real gasoline is a little higher but if it gives me better gas mileage I figure I've broken even. If you don't want to waste gasoline and want better mileage why don't you try switching back to real gasoline and sending a message to the gas companies: don't corrupt gasoline and quit wasting corn.

You can go to this link to look for a gas station near you if you are as concerned as I am about using real gasoline. NO ETHANOL
Can you tell I get passionate sometimes?
I'll get off my soapbox now.
As Always


  1. Cuz, we don't need ethanol or middle eastern oil. We have enough here -- we just have to start ignorning the envirowenies and drill for it. I'm not for trashing the earth, far from it, I hate seeing wild, natural areas over-developed. But it's ridiculous that we can't produce our own energy from our own oil, which we have plenty of. Good article!

  2. Thanks Connie. I appreciate the feed back. Ethanol is bad. I hate nuclear energy, too, because of the waste water that is radioactive forever. We should invest in solar and wind and water turbine energy, all good for the environment and naturally renewable energy sources. I also think magnetic energy should be used for railways and automobiles.

  3. I found this so interesting. I go by that gas station everyday and will now start buying my gas from there too. You've started a movement Pam!!

  4. I am trying to spread the word so that maybe it will cause a ripple affect and more people will want pure gas! I always knew I was a rebel. LOL


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