Sunday, May 8, 2011

Battle of Resaca

The BATTLE OF RESACA is May 20-22, 2011. If you would like any information you can go to for information about the festivities for the weekend. There will be a ladies tea and a prayer service in memory of the soldiers who died here. Reenactors do a lot more than whup it up and celebrate our southern roots, as so many people believe they do. They have reverence for the people who fought a bloody and vicious war and want to honor their memories. People who may object to people getting together and creating reenactments don't realize the depth of history that these people are trying to preserve. Civil War memorabilia is swapped and sold and eagerly sought by history enthusiasts all over the country. Everyone whose family lived in the south was affected by the war. Every family was touched in some way by the brutal war that ravaged the south. Thousands and thousands of soldiers from the north and the south fought in this bloody American war that pitted relatives and friends and loved ones against one another. This war divided communities and pitted neighbor against neighbor until they were all in the way as the northern army marched across the south burning and killing along the way. Reenactments would be incomplete and totally inaccurate unless there were soldiers from both sides of the conflict. The blue of the northern troops is proudly displayed by many men who represent their ancestors who fought in the Civil War. Reenactors travel from all over the country. The south has many local participants who proudly represent their ancestors who fought nearly 150 years ago in the Battle of Resaca. 
Be sure to check out the pictures of the previous reenactments on the above website.
I thought it would be nice to put something out to sale during that weekend. I have plenty of hosta lilies, if anyone is interested. I'll try to get back some of them Yankee dollars, if I can. Yall come!




  1. I've become obsessed with trying to figure out why yall can't post comments to my blog. I'm begging you, if you try to leave a comment, keep trying because something's screwy and I don't know how to fix it.

  2. Pam it might just be that some people just don't like to talk about things they don't like to talk about, that is a smarty ant it.


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