Thursday, May 5, 2011


I've been working on a baby gift for my friend's daughter who is having her first baby. I was interested in making nursing pads and ended up making burp pads and a no-sew baby blanket, too. I've had a lot of fun, thanks to Momma lending me her serging machine.* 

Not bad for my first time, right? The internet is a great place to find information on anything you can think of.


Daddy went into the hospital to have dye inserted to look for blockage and the doctors sent him to Chattanooga to have a stint inserted. He was able to come home again the next day.

Thank goodness they were able to replace the old stint and put in a new one. He had three stints inserted ten years ago. Hopefully, this new stint will last a lot longer.

We saw the storm damage as we drove up Interstate 75 to Chattanooga.

This was up around the Ringgold exit. Traffic was backed up for 8 miles in both directions as we came upon the work site.

Scout took off a load of metal to the scrapyard. Look at that load on the trailer.

We've been pretty busy around here. Scout loaded all this by himself. He said it was over 7000 pounds. Can you imagine?

Scout and Donny have started a garden. We have squash and onions and peanuts and banana peppers in the area Scout is fencing in. In the other part of the garden we have three rows of Rutger, Lemon Boy and Mountain Fresh tomatoes. We widen the garden as we go. I'm hoping to keep the cats and the dogs out of the garden this year

Scout put a fence around the garden and put down papers and straw. Once everything starts growing I'll show you the garden after it is fenced in.
Rachel, Steve, Edwadene, Maranda, Vivian, Junior, Madison
and everybody else who is celebrating a birthday this month.

To everyone who is celebrating an anniversary this month.

Billy Lumpkin, John Carter, Evelyn Chastain


* I never did receive a thank you for that. No more homemade gifts.
5/5/11 12:01 am EDT

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