Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lil Jackets Tball

There is nothing like watching a bunch of four year olds learning to play Tball to make your day. The kids swarm over the ball but don't have a clue what to do with it after they fight over it and get the ball. Fortunately, they don't keep score at that playing level so everyone is a WINNER! I hope you enjoy the pictures of one of Calhoun's LIL JACKETS 2011 season games in May. This is probably the only time in sports that boys and girls are treated as equals.
Layla on base
Playing outfield

Layla running

Layla resting
End of game
Momma Kim
Layla's grandmother
Layla's grandfather
Family time
As Always


  1. Love these pics. I really like the fact that the team was coed too. We had fun playing. I asked her if she wanted to do ballet this summer too but now she's thinking karate. LoL

  2. Memories are great but pictures last forever. I wish I'd taken pictures of Colt when he was playing Tball. Little kids are so sweet and beautiful, aren't they? Ballet, karate? It sounds like Scout has had an influence on her. LOL


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