Sunday, January 29, 2012

One Life To Live

My favorite soap opera, One Life To Live, was taken off the air after 41 years. I loved that show. It focused on families and involved people representing several generations. Asa and Rene were the elderly members of the cast, and next were Viki and Clint Buchanan, Asa's son. Viki's children and grandchildren were on the show. That accounts for four generations of family. I'm sure people who have watched the program longer than I have remember Viki's father, Victor Lord. One Life To Live was the best soap opera I watched. 

Actors like Erika Slezak and Kassie DePaiva or Robert Woods and Jerry VerDorn could spin gold out of drivel and keep the audience engaged. Everybody bought and accepted some silly stories. We accepted Viki's multiple personalities disorder over the years. We even accepted Clint's mean streak and redemption at the end of the show. We were all rooting for Clint to revive and reunite with Viki for the third, and possibly last, time.

I watched Starr Manning, played by Kristen Alderson, from the time she was a baby on the show. She and her brother Eddie Alderson, who played Bo and Nora Buchanan's son Matthew, were incredible young talents who grew up on the program. 

Over the years, and thanks to the internet and Media Domain, I have grown to admire and love many of the characters and the actors who portray them so well. When I hate a character I have to admire the actor for being able to project those characteristics that repel people and cause fans to buy into their narcissistic or evil characteristics. 

One Life To Live had delicious characters like Roxanne Balsom and Dorian Lord. David Vikers and Rex Balsom were good comic relief, and they weren't hard on the eyes either.

The two Todd's will always be remembered and weighed against one another as the final ultimate plot twist when One Life To Live brought Roger Howarth back and revealed Todd to be an impostor. Todd (Trevor St. John) was revealed to be original Todd's twin brother, Victor Lord, Jr.

I know there are plenty more wonderful actors and characters who deserve to be mentioned from the show but they are too numerous to count. Although the cast is front and center in our hearts and our minds they would be nothing without the great staff and crew behind them. The writers and the directors and the grips and the makeup and decorating departments were all exceptional and excellent in all that they did.

One Life To Live gave us characters that we could root for, or despise, together. I will always cherish the stories I have followed over the years and the wonderful actors who honed their craft and earned a living working in the wonderful world of make believe called soap operas. 

Adieu my sweet stories and delightful characters. 
So long. 
Good bye. 
I'll miss you and remember you fondly. 
I promise not to cry.



  1. a bit of may already know. Robert Wood is cousin to Mrs. Pam Treglown former teacher from Tolbert school. I think her father and his father were brothers.Your boys may have had her in the third grade. Pam is a good friend and we have managed to stay in touch throughout the years. My boys didn't have her as a teacher but I substituted a lot for her when I was subbing when the boys were young. I made a lot of friends in the Gordon County schools through volunteering and subbing when teachers were out.

  2. Thank you Sue. I had been trying to figure out who had told me something about Robert Woods. I always liked Ms. Treglown. She was the boys teacher.

  3. Hello again, I must admit I have never heard of this series which is unusual as most lengthy series seem to show both sides of the ocean. I quite enjoy the period dramas, at least when they are done well and the make-up is discreet. I find it irritating when it is slapped on with thick eye liner, mascara and bright red lipstick at a time when nice ladies gently pinched their cheeks! I am always pleased when these sorts of programmes are shown on the BBC as they are uninterrupted with no advert breaks or goods promotions.
    Today, it became very bitter. The winds are apparently from the East ... it's tempting to go and stand outside and blow from another direction in the hope of changing it. Lol ... I still have my fingers crossed that the wind will change and the weather will become milder again. I must be an optimist as, well Winter is Winter.
    I love your red rose pictures on the sides of the blog. I actually found myself looking up what Resaca meant and found that it was a town. So does your blog mean town rose or does it have a deeper meaning? (Just a wondering friend - perhaps you could kindly let me know.)
    Take care,
    Polly x

  4. Polly thank you for stopping by. I love watching the British comedies on PBS public broadcast system on weekends. They show Keeping Up Appearances and Are You Being Served, among others. I love the way British make movies because they choose actors that look more like real people, not picture cut outs like in Hollywood. One Live To Live had women dress modern but nobody was very trashy. I loved the characters and will miss them dearly but I guess it's an end of an era. // We've gotten plenty of rain this winter but the cold is bearable. It shifts from cold to warm and it feels like spring. It's supposed to be cold again soon. // I used a template on my blog or I wouldn't have the pretty roses. I don't know how to put my own pictures but I like it like it is so far. I don't want to change to the new format blogspot is offering because it looks all jumbled and I like mine better. I chose Resaca because I wanted to write about my community and Resaca is a little town between to other towns. The Battle of Resaca was fought in May of 1864 and 6000 people died in that 3 day battle. I chose Rose because I have a whole bunch of Rose of Sharon's planted everywhere, beside the road and beside a fence. I rooted over 80 bushes one time and planted them all over the property. They're also known as Althea in the hibiscus family. // I'm always willing to talk. I'm southern, after all. We never meet a stranger. // I love your blog. The little bee tubes are what got me.


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