Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Now that 2011 is over I wonder what 2012 will bring. The internet is abuzz about the Mayan calendar ending on December 21st. I'm waiting with bated breath. I bet the survivalists are preparing. It will probably be Y2K all over again. 
I ain't scared.
We got two loads of gravel for the drive way after Christmas. The driver was a woman. She did a great job spreading the gravel but she left a few hills of gravel in places. She had to avoid the electric wires and magnolia trees. Donny and Colt raked the gravel until Scout borrowed Bob's tractor to scrape it down. I almost want it to come a pouring rain. I said, almost. I get tired of living in a mud puddle.
Scout is on the tractor.*
Donny is supervising.
Don, Scout, and Colt are checking out the job.
Looking good.
Now we have plenty of parking.

*Thanks to Bob DeGraan of  Fencing Unlimited  for the use of the tractor. 
1-706-625-8848 office 
1-706-506-4284 cell
Owens Gin Road
Calhoun Georgia
Thanks to Scout Strickland for his invaluable help.
Last year was a hard one for some of my family. One cousin died, another cousin lost her significant other, and today another cousin's husband passed away. My heart goes out to you all. I can only hope that your pain is mingled with beautiful memories of your loved ones.

Roy, Rhonda, Amanda, Evelyn, Ann, Frankie, Angie, Sue, Norma, Joey, Donna, Valerie, Angela, Jacob, Mika, Brenda, and Teresa

Donny & Pam

Jimmy Hutson, Sam Burchfield, Lela Smith, Beulah Burchfield


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