Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

A few days before Christmas a tornado tore through Gordon County and caused a lot of destruction. One community was hit hard. We had hard rains but we were lucky and didn't have any storm damage here.  

The weather was just the opposite of last year. This year at Christmas we had warm temperatures, plenty of rain, and a tornado. Last year we had an unprecedented (in my lifetime) snow storm on Christmas day. We didn't go to the yearly family dinner last year. I remember eating lots and lots of deviled eggs and potato salad we were supposed to take to the family dinner. Gads. 

This year Momma and I didn't plan anything because I was sick for a couple of weeks and she has bronchitis. Donny and Colt and I were hacking and coughing for a while but I think we are all finally on the mend. I hope nobody else catches what we had. 

The holidays always make me melancholy. I pine for the 'good old days' when the kids were little, or I was young. I don't know why nostalgia seems so sweet as I get older. I just didn't have the Christmas spirit this year. We didn't even put up a single ornament

We had our family get together at Donny's sister's house this year. It was a beautiful day. After the dinner we didn't start home until after dark. We had to drive through a blanket of fog all the way home. Visibility was limited. I asked Donny to drive through Dalton so I could see the Christmas decorations but it was so foggy the lights weren't impressive. It had a creepy, slasher-movie feel to the night.

It's so muddy around here that Colt's car got stuck when he was pulling out and he slung mud all over the white picket fence beside the house. Donny helped Colt clean the fence. Donny was determined to get some gravel.

We got some gravel for the driveway and since one load wasn't enough we got another load today. Yeah! No more slopping around in the mud when it rains. No more having to straddle the mud as I get the groceries out of the car in inclement weather.

Scout is going to borrow Bob's tractor this weekend to smooth down the gravel and spread it out evenly. I can hardly wait.

By The Way my contest was a bust and nobody guessed correctly about my little quiz. Since my buddy Jerry White did respond he won by default. Colt delivered his award. I hope you like the peppers Jerry. Thanks for participating. 


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  1. I want to thank you for the peppers, I just love the way you package them, I do not partisapate in hot food my wife makes up for the both of us, so yes they came in handy.

    Could you have Colt to get in touch with me about that project he talked to me about.

    Thank you and happy New Year


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