Thursday, December 1, 2011


Momma and I haven't been covering anything this week, mainly because we're waiting on Scout and Kim to work on their couch. I took advantage of being home and have been trying to clean up some of the crap I have laying around here. To say I'm OC/DC is to put it politely. 

Piles of newspapers are spread out around my dining room. I won't throw them away or burn them because I want to save the print newspapers. I want to buy some wheat paste and make a huge ornament with shredded papers and our giant beach ball. I'm in the process of separating the print from the colored papers for my ball project. I've got to start my project before the cats or dogs burst my ball. My little imaginary projects never seem to get anywhere. Wonder why?

I don't know if I'm in the doldrums or if it's just my usual disdain for the holiday season but I am not revved up for Christmas. I figure it's mostly because the boys are grown up and live away from home. Scout's not here to decorate everything and run up the electric bill like he usually does. Colt's not big into decorating so he doesn't care very much and I don't care any more.

I know it's almost Christmas but I haven't done a thing. I hope the rest of yall are doing better than that. I'm about as excited as ... well, I'm not excited so I thought, why not do something fun for everyone and generate some excitement.

How about a contest, or a riddle, or a quiz? I'll ask a question and give yall a chance to answer it. Just make a comment and, if you win, give me your mailing address and I will send you a prize. I thought, since I still have plenty of peppers in my freezer from last year, I would share some of them. How about that? So, without further ado ...

What does it mean when I end my posts with PIO? Post your answer on COMMENTS. The contest will be over when someone answers correctly or by December 8th.

Schylar, Scout, Amanda, Kiersten, Tony, Denise, Todd, Carmen, Andy, Noody, and Carole

Diane and Larry



  1. Public information Office ( PIO )

  2. That's a good guess, Jerry, but that's not it.

  3. When I read your post on collecting your newspapers it reminded me of the large old households where the butler spent quite some time each morning ironing the newspapers before neatly folding them back up again. They were then taken up stairs for reading. I used to think it was to get any little creases out for many years but in fact found out that it was to stop the newspaper print from soiling the hands of the readers. Now why this little piece of information sprang to mind I have no idea but thought I would share it with you anyway.

    Your ball project sounds quite fun .. I was recently watching a programme on the TV about a girl trying to do her own wedding and saving as much money as possible. She decided to use large round white balls which she fed onto sticks and then into white containers. She purchased a few varieties of sweets then proceeded to stick sweets of the same variety onto each ball. Apparently she wanted to use these ball displays as centre of table decorations and although it took her a long time she saved a small fortune.

  4. Thanks Polly/Klogger. Your comment about ironing newspapers made me think of something I did the other day. My newspaper and letters got soaked in the mailbox the other day. I put them on the shoe rack for my dryer and dried them in there. They were so wrinkled that I ironed the paper and an envelope that came with a bill so I could use it. I thought I'd invented the idea of drying the newspaper and the rest of the mail in the dryer and ironing them. It appears I'm not the only one. LOL Oh, and if you'd like to see what the paper mache ball (or whatever it is) looks like check out the Halloween pumpkin on my post. Momma made that years ago.


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