Saturday, January 21, 2012

Momma's Alright

"Mommy's alright
Daddy's alright
They just seem a little weird ..."

Momma had another health scare last week. She has been sick and short of breath since the middle of December. She went to the doctor and he treated her for bronchitis. Her condition deteriorated and she seemed to be getting worse. She didn't feel like doing anything but lay around. Momma never lays around so, after a while, Daddy convinced her to go back to the doctor. The doctor diagnosed blood clots and immediately had her admitted to the hospital. She was in the hospital all last week. Thankfully, she was released and is back home now.

Daddy stayed with Momma every day to keep her company. He also made sure to get the word out that Momma was in the hospital. She had several visitors. She even got a couple of nice bouquets of flowers.
I called her one day to see how she was doing and if she was going to get to come home. She said she wasn't getting to come home yet but she was 'ill as a hornet' so I figured she was starting to feel better. Momma doesn't like to lie around. That cheered me up but also made me reluctant to visit her.
Not to worry. Momma was in high spirits and starting to feel more like her old self again. Nobody could cross the threshold without having a conversation with Momma. She loves talking to people. That runs in the family.
It was probably more like a vacation than being in the hospital for Momma. She got to lay in bed and get waited on and fed. She shared her dinner plate with Daddy. She said they especially enjoyed the fried shrimp. She kept trying to push her food off on me when I came to visit, too, but I declined. What is it about Momma and hospital food? She thinks it's a picnic or something. 

I was so glad the doctors finally discovered what was making her sick and able to treat her. I only wish she didn't have these medical scares. She and Daddy worry me. They are both so healthy and robust that it is hard for me to imagine them growing old and helpless. They are my parents. They are invincible. Aren't they?

Now I'm ill as a hornet.

Daddy was in the hospital last May.

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