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February is a between month. By that I mean, it is a time of waiting. It's not really cold and it's not really springtime. It's the period in between. I know people who live in other parts of the world are still contending with the cold and the snow but it has been positively tolerable around here The backyard is still green. Granted, it's mostly weeds and not much grass but it didn't die off like the yard did last winter. I'm not saying it's because of global warming but the weather has been awfully mild this year.

It's been raining a lot. That's not always good, especially if you live in lowland. We get all the run-off from the neighbors north of us when it rains. The water runs through our backyard over the septic tank field line. Too much water, too quick, tends to slow down the plumbing. I can always tell we've been getting too much rain when I leave the bathroom plunger in the bathroom for weeks because I might need it. I take it outside when we don't need it. The stinking plunger has been in the bathroom since Christmas! That's a sign of the times.

The other night I pulled out some old home videos and watched them. They were so bitter-sweet. Colt was my adorable little monster baby who wouldn't listen to a single word. You can hear Donny saying, over and over again, "Colt come here." "Come here Colt." He never takes a step to obey. I guess he had a mind of his own, even then. The little rascal would run away from me when he could get a head start. That's why I got Donny to build a six foot fence around the yard. I was afraid he'd run in the highway. 

Watching those videos took me back to the sweet days of the kids youth. I also got a few pictures of people in the family who have passed away. My only regret is listening to the people who kept telling me to 'quit filming me' and wish I'd just kept on. I would have had more pictures of my grandmother before she died. 

Donny's mother was on the tapes. It is such a drastic change from how she has become. Edwadene was talking and laughing and playing with the children. Now she has Alzheimer's disease and doesn't seem to know any of us. His little granny was also on the tapes. She died a long time ago. So was Donny's step-father, Charlie McAllister. He was a big old man. He was bigger than life. Charlie was a character and he loved to fish. Everybody who knew Charlie loved Charlie.

Daddy and Momma were so young looking. Wow! They were the age Donny and I are today. Time keeps on ticking. 

Scout was the sweet little shy boy he is today. He played 'horsey' with Colt and was always there as his protector.  

I wish I could go back to one day and spend it with my little boys again. I wish we could all go back and spend a day with those who are no longer with us and just enjoy being with them once again.

Don't forget to say "I love you." 

Mikki, Alicia, Brooke, Don, Delbert, Douglas, Bailey
and those celebrating this month

to those celebrating this month

to those who passed away


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