Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It doesn't seem like it's time for Thanksgiving already. It seems like it was only yesterday that we were picking squash out of the garden. Oh well. Time to bundle up and stay warm. We didn't get half the things done we needed to this summer. We still have some projects to finish before very long. The faucets need covered; things like that.

Momma has been teaching me to upholster. We recovered a recliner. Momma had to totally rebuilt the back. It had been stuffed full of loose filling and it crumbled when we took the back apart. She had some foam that she glued together and shaped for the cushion. It is covered in a midnight blue velour. I am very proud of it. We had to improvise but it turned out great. 

Scout and Kim are also learning to upholster. Kim bought a couch from an estate sale for ten dollars. It has wooden arms and legs and trim with a tufted back with 40 buttons. Scout and Kim started tearing the couch down this weekend. It's down to the springs. Once Kim finds some fabric we can get started. I can hardly wait.

We forgot to take BEFORE pictures.

How do you like my recliner? It looks a little bit cattywompus but I don't care. We'll do better next time. I helped Momma cover it and it's mine so I'm happy. It sits like a dream.

Samantha, Dawn, and Larry

Roy and Sara


Yall try to make a comment. I don't know why people can't comment. Thanks.


  1. You'll have somewhere nice to curl up on those cold Winter evenings on that chair .. you will probably find it difficult to get up again it looks so comfy!

  2. My 'new' recliner IS soft. The fabric feels good too. I'll get years of good use out of it, unless my husband takes it over. haha


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