Sunday, November 13, 2011

Guns and God

Some states are starting to relax their gun laws and some have even advocated for allowing concealed weapons to be carried in places where they were never allowed before. People are being allowed to carry weapons to public places like parks and schools and open bars. They used to be banned from group meetings for safety reasons. Some people even advocate carrying weapons to church.

I questioned a few people and read a couple of things and it seems like a lot of Christians think it's a good idea to be able to pack heat in church. People thought that it would help ensure the safety of the congregation.

I'm beginning to worry about America. The anger and viciousness is becoming palpable. Hate and loathing seethes from conservatives and liberals. Name calling and a determination to undercut their opponant at any cost is the rule of the day. Conservatives and liberals are clashing over gun control.

I support the right to own and operate guns. I believe everybody who isn't a felon or mentally handicapped or under psychiatric care has the right to protect themselves however they please. But, in the light of today's volatile world I don't believe that gun owners should have the right to carry a gun into all establishments or businesses. The main ones I frown on are church and beer joints. I also don't want some trigger happy person carrying a concealed weapon on the school grounds, for obvious reasons.

Some people are volatile and explosive. They don't need to be carrying guns. If they get into an argument they might pull out a gun and shoot you. Crazy people shoot at people on the highways in California.

Guns in church. Either you have faith in the Lord to protect you in the shadow of death or you don't. I think, when you become a gun toting Christian you show a lack of faith in the Lord. Isn't every Christian waiting to be carried home to Jesus. Then why would they arm themselves and risk taking another person's life and eternal damnation by having a gun in church?

Sure there are some crazies out there. A few people have attacked people in church. A couple of occasions in the past few years involved some domestic disagreement that spilled over into the church when some husband or boyfriend flipped out and attacked people. 

People who call for arming themselves in church scare me. I wouldn't want to go to church where they go. We don't live in the old west and people aren't killing each other right and left in America in our houses of worship. There have only been a handful of cases. The worst case was when the Amish* people were attacked.

Nobody called for carrying guns after that attack but now the fanatical conservatives are pushing to carry guns in church. These frightened Americans sure aren't black people. If black people wanted to carry guns in church we would be up in arms with outrage. They couldn't have broached the subject after the Birmingham Baptist Church bombing in 1963 so why do white Christians find the need to arm themselves today? Churches and guns don't mix.

I knew a preacher who kept guns in his trunk 'just in case'. He kept all kinds, not just a rifle or shotgun. Another lady kept guns hidden all over her house and said she carried one with her all the time. I'm not that paranoid.

The only time I carried a gun on me was when I sold Tupperware and gave parties at all times of the day and night. I remember sitting at a railroad crossing waiting on a train and becoming nervous late one night. I pulled out my little gun and tried to cock it. The safety was on. I got it stuck and couldn't do a thing to fix it sitting in the dark. That's when I realized that I would have been beaten to death with my own gun if I was attacked and got the gun hung. I couldn't just raise my hand and say "Wait just a minute till I fix this gun." now, could I?

That's all Folks!


*The Amish shooting was at a school house.
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