Thursday, September 1, 2011


I created Resaca Rose last year in the hopes that I would be able to share my life and, um, adventures with my family and friends. I have learned so much and have felt so empowered as I learn more and more about the computer world. Whenever I got stuck with something I would ask my son for help. When he wasn't around, or couldn't answer my question, I turned to my wonderful and savvy cousins for advice. Their generosity was limitless. They never left me hanging without an answer, and I am grateful for that. I finally started understanding what I was doing, a little bit at a time. Now I look back and wonder why it took me so long to catch on to everything. 

Computers are so much easier than they used to be. I was a data entry operator. That's a glorified title for a typist. I worked in data entry back in the dark ages. We used keypunch cards. Half of the data team typed in information and the other half verified our work. It was very tedious. If a card was wrong the machine would spit it out and it had to be re-punched. Everything was stored on huge spools of tape. A computer would take up a whole huge room. Terminals, or keyboards and monitors, were in a separate room from the computer. The computers were very touchy and 'wend down' all the time.

At the time I never could imagine the day would come when nearly everyone would have their own computer. Now there are computers everywhere, even on people's portable phones and in their cars. We've come a long way in a short amount of time. I credit the space program for the great strides in technology we have reached today. 

Donny's mother used to be a telephone operator when they lived in Summerville. Donny's daddy was a line man for the phone company. It's hard to believe that every phone call used to have to go through an operator. If it was like that today, half of the population would have to work for the phone companies just to keep up. Just about everybody has a cell phone today.


It was time to go to my dentist today. My hygienist Rachel cleaned my teeth. Doctor Frank wasn't there. He was in France. Rachel said he went to climb Mount Blanche, but the climb was called off because of a rock slide, or something. On top of that, he lost his passport. I hope he finds it so he can come home. Maybe next time I go to see him I'll get the full story. I told Rachel she was a hit on the internet because people were checking out My Dental Visit.

Our baby girl, Layla, had to go to the dentist, today, also. She's only four years old. The pediatric dentist had to put Layla to sleep. She filled Layla's cavity and pulled her two front teeth. They were damaged and the dentist was afraid they would make her permanent teeth bad. Little Layla will be five in October. Her mother is teaching her to sing, "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth".


I forgot to mention that I saw a Model A in Dalton this morning. When I finally caught up with it, I saw Daddy driving. He was going to meet his buddies from the antique car club for coffee. 

After I went to the dentist, I stopped by Momma's and Daddy's to see how they were doing. Daddy came home while I was there. He told me an incredible story. 

Daddy said a woman stopped him one day and asked if she could ask him a question. He said, 'okay'. She asked him for $10 to buy gas because her mother was sick and out of town and she didn't have gas to get there. She offered to give him $10 on her credit card if he would give her gas money. He refused to give her any money. One day, after that, he was home talking to his neighbor, Jack, in the front yard when a little silver car pulled up. The woman driving the car asked Jack if she could ask him a question. She wanted $10 to buy gas to go visit her sick mother. Daddy started yelling at her and told her to get the hell out of there. She wasn't getting any money from them. Jack didn't know what to think until Daddy explained about that woman approaching him before.

Daddy went to visit his car club friends and told them about the woman driving around in a silver Chevrolet soliciting money. Two women told him they had been hit up for money from the same woman. When they started to leave the Burger King, Daddy helped his friend, Jimmy, get into his car. Daddy's other friends, Creed and another guy, were getting into their car when a little silver car pulled up and a red-headed woman asked them if she could ask them a question. She told them she was out of gas and needed money to visit her sick mother. Since Daddy had warned them, both men offered to buy her gasoline at a gas station nearby. She said, 'no' she didn't use that kind of gas. Then she sped off. The men told Daddy about the woman pulling up and trying the same scam on them. Daddy reported her to the police and the sheriff because he was in the city one time when the woman approached him and in the county another time. He got the tag number and reported her.

That woman has been riding all over town and begging people for money to go visit her mother. She is playing on the sympathy of men, and women, so that she can scam them out of money. Don't let anyone play on your sympathy to con you out of your hard-earned money. Use common sense and offer to get her in touch with some organization who can help her, preferably the police. She is only trying to steal money from goodhearted people. Be sure to report her to the sheriff or the police. Maybe they can catch her and make her pay for her duplicity. I hate thieves and liars. Don't you? I especially can't stand a mooch.
Oh yeah, Go Daddy Go!

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