Monday, August 29, 2011

A Few Things

Colt started classes at Southern Polytech again for the new year. He and his friend Bob got an apartment close to the college. He comes home on the weekends.
One weekend when he was home he went with me to Bowman's restaurant. It is a little restaurant that is out in the middle of nowhere. They have home cooking. We ordered the turkey and dressing. It was delicious.
It wouldn't be summer without a little bit of car trouble. My car started making funny noises under the dash. I rushed around trying to get my errands done and back home before it conked out on me. Smoke started coming out of the air vents. I was afraid it was going to catch on fire. I pushed the little Buick as fast as I could and cussed every slow vehicle in front of me. "Get out of the road!"
Donny and Scout had to put a new heater core in the car. It took all day. Scout and Colt put the insulation back under the dash. Did I ever tell you how wonderful it is to have two boys and a husband who can fix things? It's a good thing, too, because next Scout's car messed up.

Oh well. I'm not surprised; are you? It's always something. If nothing is happening to you, you better check. You might be dead. It looks like we're not dead yet so it's all good.
Look what we found growing on the bank beside the road. Donny says it's collard greens. I wonder how they got there. That would be a good place to have a garden if the road department didn't go down the road spraying herbicides. Keep your fingers crossed. We might have fresh collard greens soon.
This was a special surprise garden. I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out where the seeds came from.


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