Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Car Trouble

Scout's Ford broke down so he asked our neighbor, Richard, to help him figure out what was wrong with the car. Richard and his son, Todd, are very good mechanics. Richard used to work for the Ford dealership in Dalton and he taught Todd how to fix cars. Richard said the car needed an ignition module.

Since Scout didn't have a car I've been taking him to work every morning and picking him up after work and taking him to the auto parts stores looking for parts every afternoon. It's throwing a monkey wrench in my usual lackadaisical morning routine. It took a couple of days for the module to come in and, in the mean time, Scout told me the module wasn't like a regular module. It was built to conform to California standards. It was hard to find parts to match. In other words, it costs more.

Todd told Scout he needed a new rotary cap and wires. Scout found a cap but couldn't find the wires to fit it. We ran around looking for parts in the stifling heat every afternoon. The new rotary cap has a screw in the middle that is broke loose. Now he will have to reorder one. That's the Strickland luck, for you. That's why I don't believe in gambling. We're not conducive to good luck.

I did enjoy spending time with Scout and taking him to work and back. My favorite part was driving down long ribbons of winding roads, with grazing cattle, and fields of golden crops, over rivers, and through shady lanes, soaking in the day. One day I think I saw a fawn colored fox but I couldn't get close enough before it was gone, lickidysplit! 

Bob's farm is in Red Bud, but Scout goes east on highway 136 from Sugar Valley, through Resaca, to a road that runs all the way to Bob's house. I turn right on the first road past Polecat Creek, (can't remember the name) and cross two bridges, a couple of stop signs, one at highway 225, traveling through picturesque scenery. From one end to the other I feel like I've been riding an amazing roller coaster ride. 

I didn't even mind getting out early since I was helping my son. It was better than letting him have my car and drive the crap out of it. I've seen him drive and I don't need the shocks falling off the car. You can't push the Buick. She doesn't respond well. Besides, I'm just now getting comfortable with having my car back. I didn't have it for a while when the heater core was being fixed. I'm anal retentive about my ride. But, I have my reasons!

You know what F-O-R-D stands for don't you? Fix or repair daily! Well, that's the price of driving antiques, I guess. We aren't motor-heads, we're just rednecks. You gotta love it. Either that, or admit defeat. I choose to embrace my redneck roots. Thank you Jeff Foxworthy. O we are all worthy! If you're southern you're bound to be a little bit redneck. Don't you think? 

Scout finally got his car running so he went to Dalton the other day. I got a call from him telling me that the Ford broke down in town. He said the police came and were going to make him have it towed by a Dalton wrecker service. Scout wanted to call Kim's family instead because they have a wrecker service. 

Scout said one cop took mercy on him and said he would help Scout push his car out of the road. Scout laughed and said the policeman told him, "Wait a minute until I lock my doors." Scout asked him if Dalton was really that bad and the officer said "Yeah." I don't know if he was kidding or just had to go by procedure and lock his doors before stepping away from his car, but I thought that was funny and sweet. Scout told me the other two cops acted abrupt and unfriendly. It's nice to know there are some nice cops out there.

Reeves Wrecker brought Scout's car to the house and dropped it off in the driveway. You know what that means, don't you? He got Kim to take him to work and would call me to get a ride home after work.

Scout put a new distributor cap on the car this afternoon after he got off work.  I hope that fixes it. He's replaced just about everything he can.

I cooked a rack of ribs I've had since last year for my birthday. Moma got sick about that time and we postponed my birthday dinner so I've been saving them. I decided today was the day I was going to cook them. Kim's birthday is tomorrow so I asked Scout to call her to see if she and Layla would come over to eat with us. We had ribs and cream corn from the garden and potatoes and fried okra. It wasn't a fancy party but any time you don't have to cook, or clean up, I figure that's a pretty good present.


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