Monday, October 26, 2015

Bang, Bang

The Concealed Carry Fantasy 

The epidemic of gun deaths has increased drastically in the past seven years thanks to fear mongering about gun regulation and confiscations. This has been going on partly because white racists love to stir the pot and say, "They're not taking my guns!" And they're thinking, "Hell, I'll buy more guns and stockpile them in case the government comes for my guns!" Dumbasses. 

People are reporting more accidental gun deaths and injuries from concealed carriers since the craze has spread across the country. Imagine that. Gun nuts scream every time there is an incident and double down on their irrational stance against stricter gun control. What's wrong with stricter gun control? Most shooters get their hands on a gun legally. The laws are too weak. The background checks are sporadic and incomplete and too many people get their hands on guns who should never have had them.

People who are afraid of more regulation enable dangerous people to get their hands on guns, oftentimes legally. They are unwitting patsies for the gun industry. They're reacting exactly the way gun manufactures want them to and buying more guns. Hallelujah! Praise Jesus and pass the ammunition. Now we'll all be drenched in innocent blood, our own.

Americans have become such wimps since 9-1-1. The Bush administration stoked fears and revenge in our hearts. He used that fear and misdirection to lead this country into a senseless war that wreaked havoc around the world. We will probably never disengage ourselves from the Middle East. 

We won't until we're willing to think outside the box and start investing in renewable energy in our own country, and I'm not talking about coal or oil. No more fracking! Water, wind, and solar are abundant and free in America. We should utilize them all. Plus, hemp would make a cheap and renewable fuel source. There are so many more options. We must break our dependence on oil if we ever want a cleaner planet. The war was all about oil.

During Bush's presidency, The White House put out "terror alerts" and emphasized the feeling of walking on eggshells in our own country during the Iraqi invasion. The alerts were sometimes linked to intelligence information that might, or might not, be reliable. 

After coming off the roller coaster ride of the Bush administration, we haven't been subjected to daily updates and forced to live under a cloud of fear about terrorist attacks but we have been inundated with fear tactics coming from the same circles about a certain, black President, who shall remain nameless for the moment. 

Gun violence is increasing in this country and nobody can possibly feel safe when you hear about mass shootings constantly and when we hear about unarmed men being gunned down in the streets by cops. Violence and guns, or fear of guns, go hand in hand.

The whole game is rigged. Do you want to know who is behind the rigging? I'll give you a clue. Think military-industial-complex. Are you getting it? The gun manufactures are the ones who are profiting from American gun mania and they're also the ones who are financing our politicians who support them. IT'S A PROFIT THING!

The government is not going to come for your guns. That is a lie. 

They're playing you, people. Wake up!

11 Essential Facts 

The real tragedy is allowing gun lobbyists and gun manufacturers to destroy our country with propaganda and lies to deceive us into buying into their fantasy. They're making a fortune and they don't care who dies. Do you?


PBS 10-25-15 Monday 6:29 PM EDT

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  1. Excellent blog post. A day doesn't go by,that some toddler gets shot by his sibling or someone drops their gun in a Dr.'s office and shoots another patient. Today,in a very nearby town,they picked up a college student who was threatening ,in writing, to shoot up an Elementary school . Four of my nieces and nephews attend the school nearest to this person, I just don't know what's going to happen in this country...


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