Monday, March 3, 2014


March started out nice and warm and pleasant. Now it's cold and windy. Brrr ... I'm about tired of all this flipping cold weather and ready for a little warm weather and lots of sunshine. I guess that's why I was born in the south. I couldn't stand living anywhere else.

Daffodils are peeking out from under the ground and risking life and limb to put on a springtime show. I don't know how they'll make out after tonight's freeze. Oh well, what doesn't survive will only be the beginning. We have lots of flowers and shrubs getting ready to break out in color. I can't wait. The only problem with that is that people will be complaining about the pollen instead of the cold. I guess humans are never satisfied.

Lots has been going on in the past few months. Don's improving every day and getting stronger since his surgery. He likes to walk around the church parking lot across the street to get his exercise.

Today Scout and Colt didn't work very long so they came home and we all slept as long as we could. It was too cold and wet outside to want to do anything. It was good sleeping weather. 

Scout and Katie have been painting the apartment, getting ready to move into it. Katie is excited to be moving to Georgia. It's amazing what a little paint can do to dress up a place. You should see the bright colors! 

Bennett can't wait to start going to his new school. I hope he feels that way after he gets out of kindergarten.

Today I cooked a whole chicken and a pot of pinto beans. Mama came down to eat with us. I like having everybody around when I cook a big meal.

Mama had been in Chattanooga visiting her sisters. Patsy and Mary have condominiums next door to each other. Mary is moving to Savannah to be next to her son and his family, and Patsy is going to move back to Illinois to be close to her son and daughter who live up there. We are going to miss them when they move away. Aunt Jonnie Bell will be the only sister living close when they are gone. She lives in Chattanooga too. Mama and her sisters are the best and anybody who has ever been around them is amazed at how happy and fun they are to be around. Nobody doesn't like Patsy and Mary. 

This is a year of change. People are moving, and lives are changing. I hope things start getting better as the year goes by. Right now I am still on pins and needles. I don't know if life will ever be normal again.

Heather, Jami, Dana, Mike, Mary Jane, Johnathon, Jason, Alex, Patsy, Sunshine


Jerry White, Debbie Chitwood,
Crick Marshall, Mary Bell Carter, Evelyn Chastain, and Lela Smith

Blizzard of 1993

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