Saturday, February 22, 2014


They say that adversity makes you stronger. I don't know about that. Adversity strikes all of us sooner or later but so many people are having so many difficult problems here lately that it sometimes seems like we are under a curse.

We had a double dose of adversity recently when my father passed away suddenly. We were reeling from that blow when Daddy's sister, Vivian, passed away. 

I couldn't fathom a world without Daddy or Vivian. Vivian died 26 years to the day after her father passed away. The irony wasn't lost on me. I never dreamed we would lose two important members of our family at the same time like that.

Two funerals so close together would be hard enough but within that two month span another death touched our lives. Scout's sweet and lovely brown eyed girlfriend, Katie, lost her father when he suffered a rapid decline. He didn't live long enough to even have hospice assistance

We all traveled to Tennessee to his funeral to pay respects to Katie and her father's family and friends. He must have been a wonderful guy, and I wish I had known him. He had lots of friends.

Not long ago I found out about an old friend who had an incurable debilitating disease. Another old friend had a daughter who died of an inoperable brain tumor. It seems like everybody is having hard times. I can't imagine their pain.

Several friends are unemployed, or homeless, or have mental or physical health issues. There are too many poor people struggling to pay their bills and keep a roof over their heads. There aren't enough jobs for them to help them pay their bills. I worry about everybody.

I've always had a weak spot for poor people even though I never had to depend on government assistance myself, except for the time I had the wonderful opportunity to go to junior college on a CETA grant when I was young. 

Now that Donny is suffering from his own health issues I am more adamant than ever about shoring up government programs to help the needy and relieve the burden that too many people face during a crisis. Crushing medical debt can decimate a family.

If you thought I was a bitch before, wait until you see me now. I wasn't afraid of voicing my opinion about programs for helping the needy before, and I sure won't be quiet now. 

It is frightening to have to decide between paying your bills or getting food or medicine. I used to argue about it in a theoretical sense since we have always been fortunate enough to have an income and be able to pay our living expenses without it being very much of a problem. Now I am walking in their shoes and I don't like it. I don't know how people do it. 

Donny is going on temporary disability but we will still have to pay insurance out of his disability check. Our income has been cut into and we won't have enough money to pay basic bills without getting behind.

Let me assure you that nobody is immune to disaster. Nobody can predict a medical crisis, or losing their job, or having an accident. Most people don't have any money saved up to carry them through months of unemployment without suffering the consequences and getting behind. Neither do we.

Basic needs will have to be reevaluated and prioritized. Some things will suffer. Doctor and dental appointments will have to be delayed and the pets will probably starve. Everything will be affected because Donny is on disability. 

Our most important goal will be taking care of Donny and getting him medication for his heart condition. That will take precedence over everything.

I will certainly have a new understanding about the difficulties that people suffer when their income is cut and they are hanging on by their fingernails. 


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