Friday, March 14, 2014

Burn, Baby, Burn

Today I was eating lunch when I saw smoke outside. I went out on our little porch to see if I could tell what was burning. I thought our neighbors might be burning leaves down the road from us. I went back inside when I couldn't see anything. Right after that, a firetruck went flying up the road. I peeked out front and saw smoke north of us.
Firetrucks were trying to put a fire out on the side of the road. It had run up the hill into the woods because the wind had been blowing hard today.
I walked up the side of the road to get a better look. Some kids were playing in the front yard of one of the houses. They said they called 911 when they saw the fire. The lady who lived there said another neighbor had called asking if her house was on fire. The fire was across the road. The lady said flames were fifteen feet high when she called.

It's hard to believe a fire could have started by accident. Although there is plenty of undergrowth, the fire seemed pretty large. 
Luckily we have a fire station down the road from us. Firefighters are quick to respond to any emergency.

Don't let the green grass fool you. Although we have had plenty of rain recently, a fire can get out of control quickly.

The tree trunks are charred and black. The fire went east up the hill and was trying to go completely out of control.
Even the "law dogs" showed up. I guess they couldn't resist the excitement. Everyone turns out for an emergency in Resaca. Not much ever happens around here.
Firefighters used a bulldozer to try to make a fire break. They parked up Chitwood Road and went into the woods.

Firefighters efforts were rewarded because the fire didn't spread very far. If it had of gained purchase the neighbors on Chitwood Road would have been in trouble. The woods surrounds their houses.
Emergency vehicles were everywhere during the fire. I didn't even know they had access to bulldozers until now.
Traffic was backed up both ways on Highway 41. Several cars turned around but most vehicles waited patiently until they were motioned around the firetrucks.
Smoke was still billowing out from the pine needles and leaves laying on the ground.
The firefighters left after they contained the fire. It was quiet and peaceful again but there were still some hot spots burning.
Donny and I rode up Chitwood Road to see how far the fire had spread. It looked as if hadn't gone very far but it was still smoking.
I guess that is our excitement for the week. I sure hope the fire doesn't start back up later on. A cloud of smoke hangs over the neighborhood. I wonder what started the fire in the first place. It's hard to believe it was spontaneous combustion. I can't imagine that a cigarette being thrown out would have caused such a large burn before anyone noticed it. I sure hope it wasn't arson. 


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