Saturday, April 20, 2013

Which Is It

Which is it? Genius? Or redneck?
I guess you're wondering what that's all about, don't you? I got it into my head last year that I could save my dryer lint and put it out for the birds to make nests. After thinking about it for a while I figured I could use Don's wire collapsible fishing basket to put the lint into, but it took me a while to figure out how to hang it outside for the birds. I wanted to keep it dry.

*cue the inspirational music*

I used a shepard's hook that you can hang flowers on and got Colt's big old umbrella to put over it. I wedged the umbrella handle down in the middle of the lint and hung the basket on the pole. Scout wired the umbrella to the hook with a coat hanger. Wa-laa! It worked. It even survived the storm that went through our area the first night so I hope this will keep my lint from getting rained on.

Well, which is it? Redneck, or genius? I think it's brilliant but I'm prejudice.

I used to feed the birds in the backyard near the mulch pile but had to quit. It was like a fast food restaurant for my cats. I bought a couple of big feeders and hung them in the front yard under my magnolia trees. I can see it from the kitchen window. The feeders hold five pounds of food so I don't have to refill them all the time. I just have to take my bucket of seed and step ladder to reach them. They're higher than my head. I have them hanging from the limbs of the magnolia with coat hangers. 

I have a cute little hummingbird feeder that I like to hang on a shepherd's hook outside the kitchen window. It's time to dig it out and hang it back outside for the summer. It's fun watching them jockey for a spot on the feeder. 

One year our garden was damaged by a storm and knocked the corn over. The pole beans took over the garden. Weeds sprung up everywhere. Hundreds of little yellow goldfinches came down and feasted on the garden. I never saw so many yellow birds in my life. It was beautiful. Ever since then I've tried to keep a feeder with thistle in it for the goldfinches. 

You may think I'm weird for saving my lint and putting it out for the birds, but I think I'm paying if forward for nature. It's all in the eye of the beholder. I think the birds are beautiful to behold. Don't you?


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