Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Raising Cane

I love having Scout around here again. Everything went to pot when he was gone. He likes to stay busy so he decided to cut the cane that is growing in our backyard.
Scout cut down the cane because it gets too big every summer and looks like it's falling over the fence. He has his old trusty dog, Buddy, helping him.
He stacked the canes to save for some other project around here. Hopefully, we can use them to grow some pole beans this summer. They might make good fishing poles, too.
Scout cut the stalks down to about a foot high. Some of the stalks were thick. It took him a while to get them all cut down but it will all grow back before we know it, unless Vinnie has his way.
Vinnie helped Scout clean up the clippings. I noticed that he's already been nibbling on the new shoots of cane that are coming up.
The cane was this tall a couple of years ago. I'm only five feet tall. The cane was easily fifteen to twenty feet tall. I like the fluffy plumes at the top of the cane. It gives the backyard a tropical feel. It reminds me of playing in the woods when we were kids. We used to play in the "monkey trees" which were covered in vines, hence the name. 'You Tarzan? Me Jane.'

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