Thursday, March 14, 2013

Slogging Along

I know I keep complaining about all the rain we've been getting but it doesn't ever seem like things will get back to normal. After it quit raining one day I went outside to take some pictures of the flooding. Bear in mind that the water had gone down a lot already. 
This is our neighbor's driveway. Water runs down the middle of the driveway and floods over into our circular driveway. Water floods across the gravel we got last year and flows toward us.
The water forks off towards the corner of the house, puddling  up next to the foundation, and continues to run by the gravel all the way across the front of the house.
I can't believe we are having this trouble. We thought the gravel would keep us from parking in mud. Instead it diverted the path of the water and caused another problem.
The  backyard gets it's share of water every time it rains, too. That's why Scout built the bridge a long time ago. It's usually a dry ditch but when it rains, oh buddy, the bridge comes in handy.
The water runs around beside the carport and down the ditch beside the hedge that grows between our property and the neighbor's on the south until it finally runs into the ditch beside the highway.

We are going to build up the soil in front of the house and have a raised flower bed to keep the water away from the foundation. I hope that helps.

Every spring Don treats the house for termites. Termites thrive on a water supply so it's important to keep the house as dry as possible. If we can get guttering up and redesign the landscape a little bit I think we can fix this mess. The only trouble is, we have to wait for it to quit raining so much.

Who'd of ever thought I'd be complaining about rain again? Instead of complaining, I should just be thankful we have a house. I guess the drought is officially over. I wonder what kind of summer we're going to have this year. Hot and humid, or dry as a bone?


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