Friday, January 25, 2013


I don't know where to begin. It seems like there have been lots of changes in our lives recently. Scout moved back home after he and his girlfriend broke up, then Don's mama passed away, and his uncle died a few days later. Don's sister's husband had surgery for an aneurysm and had a hard time. He has been hospitalized ever since. He's taking therapy now. It seems like everywhere I look there is change.

I went to Doctor Phillip about three months ago and he removed the bonding from my front teeth. It was very painful and left one tooth loose. When I went to Doctor Frank for my bi-yearly cleaning they told me I needed my teeth bonded again to save that loose tooth. Naturally I was upset and worried about losing my tooth. I had to have the tooth re-bonded. It didn't take very long.

Doctor Frank had his beautiful, big dog at the office. I told him that his dog looked like a dog that I saw on the news because people had mistaken it for a baby lion on the loose. He said his dog was the same kind, only it didn't look as much like a poodle. It was shaggy but not poofy. I liked having the dog in there to scratch his head and calm me down. Pets are supposed to help calm your heart and breathing when you pet them. It's a two way relationship because they feel calm, too. 

I needed something to make me feel calm after I asked the doctor how much the bonding was going to cost. I told Doctor Frank I should go back over to Doctor Phillip's and knock a knot on his head for removing the bonding and loosening my front tooth.  He cost me a chunk of change. I'll never get rich at this rate, or anything else, for that matter. I have many unfulfilled dreams and they all hinge on money. I've put too much money in saving my teeth to give up now so I had to have the bonding again.

I lived through all that and even survived the flooding we endured during the heavy rains. I've watched Scout painting and decorating his room, getting it in shape to live in again.

Mama decided to buy Scout a new bed for his room so we went to Dalton Auction to see what they had. That's where I bought Scout and Colt's twin beds last time. We had moved Scout's bed to Marietta when Colt got an apartment so we needed another bed for Scout again. I hadn't expected him to come back home when I let Colt have his old bed. 

Mama, Scout and I went to see if they had any twin-XL's, like the other ones. They had a foam mattress "like the twin beds in the Marriott", we were informed. The mattress cost a lot more than I expected. Mama wanted to buy it but I said we should think about it and check out a few more sales.

We went to Mur-Maid Mattresses in Dalton but they weren't any better, or as thick, as the first one we saw. Scout and I headed back home to think about it. Mama kept insisting that we buy the mattress from Carmichael's. The next day she called Scout and convinced him to go back to Dalton Auction with her to get the bed. Yeah! Scout doesn't have to sleep on the pull-out couch any more.

Near the end of the old year one of my friend's and I got back in touch with each other after her father passed away. We've known each other and loved each other forever but we are both very strong personalities and we don't always see eye to eye. We disagreed about everything during the electoral season until she finally decided not to interact with me anymore. I still couldn't let that stop me from sending my love and condolences when I saw her father's obituary in the paper. I know how much she loves her parents. Mr. and Mrs. S were wonderful when we were kids. I never saw them angry or upset and we did lots of dumb things when we were kids to make anybody want to scream. 

We liked to sleep in her older brother's room and lay on the bed all night  long reading his comic books. That's where I developed my crush on Superman.

Another friend of mine got in touch when she called to offer her condolences when Don's mother passed away. She has always been an avid reader and loves sharing her books with me. She mailed The Land of Painted Caves to me. I have a stack of her books I need to return.

I don't know what it is about this time of year but I've noticed a lot of change. I had been living in fear of the possibility that President Obama might lose the election and have been disgusted by the Republicans tricks and underhanded tactics. I was horrified to imagine a Mitt Romney presidency. It was painfully obvious that he didn't give a damn about people like me. I wasn't rich enough, or conservative enough, or important enough for his consideration. 

I've always lived by the philosophy that riches are the things you value in your heart, not the things you can purchase. I never wanted to impress anyone or live up to other people's standards. It seemed like a losing game. I'm thankful that I am finally of an age when I don't have to try to fit in. I prefer to stand out. I'm not like anyone, and nobody's like me. Nobody would want to be.

Maybe the changes I feel in the air are affecting everyone because there has been a strong change across America. People amazed me as they turned out to vote for President Obama again, and exercise their civil rights. I think people are getting tired of the conservative rhetoric which was polluting the country with it's ultra-conservative chants denouncing the hardworking people who really keep America up and running. It's time for America to get back on track and for the government to quit using scare tactics to control us.

I welcome change, as long as it's for the positive and to create better conditions for all Americans. I used to think we would be living in the space age when I was a kid. It's really disappointing to see that we've moved back about fifty years in the political rhetoric in this country. We should be aiming for the stars, not the past. 


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