Friday, January 11, 2013


This new year feels like the old year. Another Christmas and another New Year and we had the same old song and dance. It started to rain, and the ground was saturated, and we had to watch the plumbing closely. We live in lowland and get all the runoff when it rains. I believe this used to be a riverbed long, long ago and the natural contours of the land cause everything to flood when it rains a lot in Resaca. 

I didn't feel very well around the holidays and it took me a while to recover. On top of that, Colt was home for the holidays, and Scout has come back home again. 

Scout has been in the process of cleaning out his room, that I had turned into a dumping ground, and decorating it. He went to Home Depot and got two gallons of green paint and painted everything, then he put down new linoleum. He says it's the best looking room in the house, and he's right. It is. I didn't know the little fellow had such good taste. He's creating a man-cave and I love it. He got his decorating talent from my mama.

I gave Scout free rein to clean up with strict orders not to lose my papers. Papers could range from old bills and receipts, to important tax documents. I pile everything up and wait for it to all go away. It never does. That's why I need FlyLady. Doing a little at a time and going through it regularly will finally help conquer a mess, fifteen minutes at a time. I need to start flying again and that's a good place to start.

Having Scout and Colt home again over the holidays was nice. I had forgotten how much fun it is to have them around. They always pick on me and make fun of me because I'm "old", or "deaf", or something else. I don't mind. I know they're only stating the obvious and it's never in malice, only fun. I keep trying to explain to them that they should cut me some slack because ... well, doggone it, I'm old and deaf and naturally annoying so just get over it and give me a break. After all, I am their mama. 

Colt started winter semester at Southern Polytechnic State University again this week. I cried when he left. I thought I had finally stopped that silly blubbering but I guess I haven't. It took me by surprise because he had been getting on my nerves over the winter break. 

When Scout came home he brought his pets, a dwarf goat and two white chickens named Larry and Margaret. The goat's name is Vinnie but sometimes I call him Bennie and can hear that Elton John song in my head singing on a loop "Bennie! Bennie! Bennie and the Jets" only I hear it "Vinnie! Vinnie! Vinnie and the Pets."  Did I tell you I have a vivid imagination? 

and the Pets

An old friend sent me a book before Christmas and I've been reading it. When I get into reading a book, I tend to ignore everything else and don't get on the internet as much. I was reading The Land of Painted Caves by Jean M. Auel. It is the fifth, and possibly final, book in The Clan of the Cave Bear series although I hope it isn't her last. I was left hanging wondering what will happen to Ayla and Jondalar in their future. 

While I was reading The Land of Painted Caves I happened to see a program on the History Channel called CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS about a cave in France called Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave with incredible paintings on the walls. It was discovered in December 18, 1994. That is the same cave portrayed in the Jean Auel book The Land of Painted Caves. The program brought the story to life as I saw the remarkable drawings that had been described in the book. It must have been a very important and sacred site for the indigenous people who lived approximately 30,000 years ago and who painted the animals on the walls of the cave. 

We are very fortunate to live in a day and age in which we can view these amazing drawings via pictures and film over television and the internet. I thank God every day that we live in such a modern society which links us all, everyone all over the globe. Knowledge is power.

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