Monday, April 16, 2012

This Too Will Pass

Time is so elusive, and memories are fleeting. I'm thankful we were born in the age of photography. Cameras have evolved at astronomical speed in my lifetime. The first camera my family owned was a sleek Kodak Brownie. Now everybody has some kind of camera. Make sure to take plenty of pictures and capture the moments of your life. You'll have something to look back on and remember the good old days. 

We had a nice family dinner on Easter. I cooked ham and roast beef for the main dishes. After dinner, we went outside so that Layla could hunt Easter eggs. While Colt hid eggs, Kim and Scout went inside and made water balloons. Once someone threw a balloon and missed their target. Guess who got smacked in the puss! Yeah, right. Me! Oh well. It was all in good clean fun.

I had so much fun cooking for my family and coloring eggs for Layla. Easter wouldn't be nearly as much fun without children to play with during the holidays.

After Easter, we took Colt's car to the body shop to be fixed. He wrecked it a couple of weeks ago. Since he had to go back to Marietta, he's tooling around in the Buick this week. It's the same old, same old. I'm used to everybody borrowing my car by now. We can only hope that Colt has learned a lesson from this wreck and doesn't do it again.

I think the weather and pollen has affected everyone. Colt's been nursing sinus headaches, or migraines, and Donny and I are always clearing our throats. Talk about sounding like a couple of old farts. You should hear us. It reminds me of my grandmother. She was always trying to clear her throat.

The older you get, the more you become like the old people you used to be 'amused by'. My, how the mighty have fallen. Getting old ain't for the weak of heart ... well, maybe it is. Actually, that's exactly what it is. Getting old doesn't have to be boring though. You can always enjoy the perks of being old. You can finally be yourself. Nobody's stopping you.

The other day Kim and Layla picked me up after I dropped off my car to get the odometer fixed. We had breakfast at Denny's before they brought me home. This was the first time that we've ever been out together. I told Layla I had figured out what she could call me and Donny. I think she should call us "Mammy" and "Pappy". That's a twofer. You know what a twofer is don't you? Two for one. I wouldn't mind being called mammy. That makes me smile.

I don't know anything about this granny business but it looks like little Layla and I are going to be together so I'd like to think she likes her old granny Pam, even if she is shy around me. 

Shalom  Y'all!


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