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Recently I have become aware of a couple of things that I had never thought about or considered before. If you are squeamish and want to avoid anything disgusting or shocking, stop reading now.


I stumbled across a group on Facebook that opposes circumcision. I started reading some of the testimonials about men who had been circumcised and the problems they suffered because of it. The first testimonial was about a man who couldn't experience sexual pleasure because of his circumcision. Other stories told of men who felt betrayed by their parents and the doctors who circumcised them. Even some Jews are speaking out against circumcision. 

What really caught my interest and sparked my indignation was when I read that circumcision was performed to remove the foreskin of the penis to deter the desire to masturbate. Circumcision removes the most sensitive part of the penis with millions of little nerves that enhance pleasure. This practice was mainly common in Jewish and Muslim cultures. Only about 30% of the male population in the world are circumcised. Most European men are not circumcised. In America it is considered acceptable and even recommended by most doctors.

I didn't realize that women are also circumcised in other cultures around the world until a famous model, Iman, the wife of David Bowie, spoke out against it. Circumcising of the female is far more drastic than male circumcision. It is considered Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) because they remove some or all of the exposed female genitalia. The clitoris is removed to reduce the libido of the female. Sometimes the vaginal opening is sewed shut. This procedure is usually done by a circumciser on babies from a few days old to older little girls. It is usually done without anaesthesia or sterile conditions. This drastically reduces the woman's desire to have sex.

I was shocked to see a video of a woman in America who had been circumcised when she was a little girl. She told about masturbating when she was a child to relive tension. Her mother, a very religious woman, took her to the doctor and had her circumcised. The woman was clearly uncomfortable talking about being mutilated but wanted to spread the word that this kind of unnecessary assault happens everywhere, even in America.

I read that some circumcisions on men are so severe when they have an erection that it causes pain, and some even bleed around the scar on the penis. The foreskin of the penis is removed because it has been believed to prevent diseases when the penis isn't cleaned properly. Men are being circumcised in countries like Africa where HIV is rampant because they believe it will help prevent the disease. What they don't say, though, is that it is no more preventative and cost efficient than condoms are.

Improperly performed circumcisions can cause the penis to lean to the left or the right.

The more I read and researched this information on the internet, the more I realized that this practice is archaic and a brutal unnecessary ritual.

The foreskin on the penis is a natural lubricant that protects the glans of the penis and gives the woman more pleasure. There shouldn't be a need for lubricants during intercourse. The foreskin protects both partners from chaffing. If that is not reason enough to reconsider circumcision, ask yourself why you are doing it. If you are doing it because everybody else is doing it that is a stupid and uneducated reason. If you aren't doing it for religious reasons (Jewish, Muslim), why are you having your baby circumcised? Some people said "so the baby will look like his daddy". Really people, are they going to compare equipment with each other? Seriously. 

Like mamma used to say, "Just because everybody else is jumping off a bridge doesn't mean you should do it, too?" 

How about cutting everybody's little finger off when they are little? That makes just as much sense as cutting anything else off of a healthy normal baby, especially their genitalia.

It is unthinkable to think that any intelligent woman in America believes it is right to circumcise (FGM) little girls. Both practices should be abandoned unless there is a serious medical condition requiring it. I can't think of one.

For more information go to The WHOLE Network or on Facebook or find information on Wikipedia.


I was watching TV late one night and saw a show about "the dancing boys of Afghanistan". http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/sep/12/dancing-boys-afghanistan
This story was equally disturbing.

The ancient practice of 'bacha bazi' (boys for play) is practiced in Afghanistan. It had been in practice until the Taliban banned it. That is one thing I have to agree with the Taliban about but now the practice is reviving.

Bacha bazi is the practice of men buying young boys from their families and taking them in to learn to make music and dance as a woman for the men in the community. Women are not allowed to perform for men because of their backwards and primitive culture so they have devised a way around it. Owners of the dancing boys take them to entertain during ceremonies like weddings or birthdays. Their culture prohibits women from attending these parties. Young boys dance seductively and dress in feminine clothing to entice the men. The owner of the young boys uses them as concubines to relieve the men's inhibitions. The boys are kept until they are 19 or 20 or so and no longer desirable.

After the boys are no longer servants they are free to live as a man in society. They can even get married and have a family if they want to but there is still a stigma attached to them.

One young boy said that he was 15 and when he turned 19 he would probably no longer dance but have a harem of bacha bazi boys. Another man said he would like to have sex with the bacha bazi boy if he could. One man said he would like to have his own bacha bazi boy if his wife didn't mind. And yet another old man said his wife didn't have any say in the matter. If he wanted a boy to live with him, he would.

These are the type of men that you wouldn't trust with your sheep. I naively thought that God had wiped out the sodomites when he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. I can not imagine a community of men who rape and have sex with young boys.

Homosexuality is one thing. I don't think you can help how you are born, but a whole culture that practices sodomy just because they don't respect women is bizarre. They would rather sleep with a boy than go to a prostitute. And I don't condone going to prostitutes but that seems more natural. 

I've decided men are more like dogs than I thought. They will hump anything. Maybe that's what men are doing when they are 'on the down-low' in America. They're just sex addicts. Maybe they're not really closet queers.

It appalls me that this obscene custom isn't reviled and squashed. What kind of people are the people of Afghanistan who would do such a perverted thing? I cannot understand such twisted logic. I wonder how the women of the culture feel about the practice. I wonder how the families of the young boys feel about prostituting their children out for a pittance to destroy their innocence. The whole culture condones sexual slavery. That is abhorrent. 

The bacha bazi boys should not be mistaken for homosexuals. They are slaves, owned by a master who can whore him out to anybody or anything. The young boys interviewed all knew of bacha bazi dancers who had been killed. They admitted it was a dangerous life unless they totally complied.

This ancient practice has been perpetuated for centuries. They all need to come into the light and come into the twenty first century. Their culture is primitive and deeply disturbing. 


Both of these subjects are very disturbing. I know this wasn't an easy article to read. If you have read this far, I commend you. I believe that knowledge is power and knowledge should be shared. Until we bring the truth into the light we will be stumbling around in the dark. I don't know how you feel now but I bet you will look at sex in a whole new light from now on.


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